Veins of Glass Entry – 10/20/08

“Fear is only in our minds; taking over all the time.  Fear is only in our minds but it’s taking over all the time”

Monday, 20 October 2008
.:I’ll Not Close My Eyes; I’m Too Alive:.
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“I couldn’t help but notice that you have a good attitude and you would make an excellent tutor…” is what my teacher started to say. 

This is the teacher who wrongly accused me of cheating the first time I took this class and as a result, I lost the tutoring job I had at the Moraine Valley IMS Lab. 
It’s actually pretty good that I am retaking this class – starting fresh. 
She told me that she would be happy to recommend me back to my previous employer, because she was looking for tutors again.  I commented that my schedule is pretty tight, so I wouldn’t be able to do it at this time.  But I’m considering it.  The pay was  too low and the hours too short.  Luckily the hours were negotiable.  I can only hope that Jane was not looking for someone with set hours and an open availability. 

The only time I really have left open is time I have reserved for myself. For instance, I have Tuesday and Thursday nights off.  This is in case I find that I have the money to get back into TaeKwonDo.  Those nights are when I would take my classes.  Let me think about this logically for a moment.  My normal schedule for the week is as following:

Monday – I have school all day.  There’s no way. 
Tuesday – I work usually until 3, but I told them my availablity was until 4.  If I worked in the lab before Taekwondo, I’d be able to tell McD’s no later than 3, and go straight to school to work from maybe 4 until 7 at the latest.  Would those hours even be worth it?
Wednesday –   School again. This time only until 5:45.  I would be able to work in the lab until close.  That wouldn’t be problem. 
Thursday – Work until 3 again.  Then the possible 4-7 that I wouldn’t really like because it requires a lot of going straight from one place to another without stop. 
Friday – Another perfect solution.  I work until 3 and then I’m free. 
Saturday and Sunday – Also days that I work until 3 but I’m not sure if I’d even be needed at the lab on those days.  And Saturday is church at 6 so really Sunday would be the only time I would have open on the weekend and I don’t know if the lab is even open on those days. 

So I’m not entirely sure if this could be done.  I mean with time left open for TKD as well.  If I took that out, I could work no problem.  But I refuse to do that.  I guess I could just talk to my teacher again. Told her I reconsidered it but I wouldn’t really be available for the optimal amount of time.  I guess that doesn’t matter a whole lot. It’d be less time they’d have to pay me for. I don’t know. I’ll have to take this into consideration a little bit more.  I would like to have another job to get some more money in – especially while they’ll be cutting hours at McD’s. 



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