Veins of Glass Entry – 10/27/08

.:Are You Going to Remain a Slave for the Rest of Your Life:.
Mood:  not sure
Topic: Random

I believe that my bed is the most comfortable bed that could ever exist. 
With three blankets – four if you include the pink and black afghan my grandmother made me, which I don’t normally sleep with unless it’s really cold- four pillows, and various stuffed animals, my slumber should be very simple to slip into.

Although lately it hasn’t been, last night I finally got a good night’s rest.
It took a great amount of effort to leave the bed this morning.  But I did… after much debating with myself. 

I played my morning music, which could be anything depending on my mood.  I think today I decided on songs from musicals.  I did the morning routine that most girls do (brush teeth, dress pretty, do hair/make-up etc.) before I took my first step outside.  The sun was shining – cruel trickery.  It was almost as cold as it had been the night before… which was too cold for my taste.  The coffee in my hand helped against it, but I should have worn a warmer hoodie – my Twilight one just wasn’t cutting it. 

I drove to the nearby McDonald’s to sustain my irrational craving for a hash brown and ate it on the way to school. 

Classes are boring but necessary.  We learned scripting in Internet Technologies and discussed the approaching due date of our midterm project.  We took notes in reading and received the grade from our most recent quiz – mine was an 88.  I’m sure I could have gotten a better grade if I remembered to study the vocabulary and if I would stop mixing up comparision and analogy.  In programming we learned more things that I’m not sure if I’ll ever truely understand more than the basics.  But I’ll have to try for we have an upcoming test. 


Talking to strangers.  I finally had a chance to talk to someone from one of my classes.  This person intrigued me for no real reason other than physical appearance.  Though I’ve noticed something about said person – that they seem really, well, nice.  This person is the type who will actually look you in the eye when you have a conversation with them.  Something I have trouble with myself, but admire those who can do it. 
I meant to strike up a conversation with this person, but couldn’t really think of what to say – I’m so strange that way.  Luckily they took the initiative  by asking how I did on the recent test. 

I probably should have asked for a name….

Anyway, as the day draws to a close, I am exhausted and ready to go back to my extremely comfortable bed – only to wake up for work in the morning…

Life is so monotonous… I need a hobby. 


One thought on “Veins of Glass Entry – 10/27/08

  1. Taekwondo? =DIt’s always nice to meet new friends, and even nicer when someone else initiates the conversation. Yay for Jessface meeting new people, I’m glad, it makes going to class more worthwhile; and good for you for taking the initiative and detailing your post as you did. Is that prose? I dunno if it is, but you’re very good at it. -Daveface


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