Veins of Glass Entry – 10/28/08

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So first of all.  I cannot believe what happened on House tonight.  I won’t tell you all about it in case you haven’t seen it and are just dying to know…  I wouldn’t want to spoil a thing.

Man oh man.  Time for some random casual posting… it seems as though I’ve just been narrating my day as I go or whatever.  I’m quite exhausted and don’t care too much for good prose at this moment. 

McDonald’s fun… those words are usually not set next together everyday.  But today I can’t complain.  My co-workers’ laughter can be infectious.

From laughing at stupid customers to making up our own lyrics set to “12 Days of Christmas”, and singing Disney tunes… it was a fun time. 

The 12 Days of McLounge go a little something like this:
ô12 chocolate chip
11 Filet of Fish
10 piece of nuggets
9 chicken selects
8 southern styles
7 crispy classics
6 grilled clubs
5 B – L – T’s!!
4 Big and Tasty’s
3 Double Quarters
2 Happy Meals
aaand 1 Big Mac sandwich to go! ô

And now, just for those of you who care maybe even a little about curteosy at all, I would like to share a few ways to order at a fast food place, or more specifically McDonald’s.  Just so you don’t need to get any dirty looks from cashiers next time you accidentally say something stupid. -I understand it happens. 


1. You don’t need to tell us you’re going to order off the dollar menu.  The “dollar double cheeseburger” is the only kind of double cheeseburger we have.  It gets annoying to hear… “I’d McChicken off the dollar menu, the double cheeseburger off the dollar menu…”   Short and simple works just fine… please.

2. There is a difference between apple pies and apple dippers. 

3. The sign you see that says “Vanilla, Hazelnut, Regular” is NOT one item, it is a list of the iced coffee flavors we have.

4. Yes it is true – on free coffee Monday’s you get free coffee.

5. The Egg McMuffin DOES come with egg.

6. Yes the sweet iced tea, is sweet.  Very sweet. 

7. A six piece nugget comes with six – count them – six nuggets. Not 8.
Also we do not have a three piece nugget, or a nine piece.  Try reading the menu.

8. If you see the sign in drive thru has lunch items on it, chances are we serving lunch. Same goes for breakfast.

9. McDonald’s is a location, not a food item.  We will not make you “two McDonald’s with everything on them”.

10.  We do not carry food from other fast food establishments such as the Whopper or the Double Stack.  Or the Crunch Wrap.

11. The Fruit and Walnut salad is not an actual salad with lettuce and the works.  It is packaged fruit and walnuts with yogurt to dip them in.  It does not come with chicken nor does it come with dressing.

12. A Fruit and Yogurt Parfait is not pronounce “par-fat”, “parfetti” or any other variations. It is pronounced “par-fay” and it is not a sundae.

13.  I don’t know why other locations have certain things we do not.  Don’t ask me why it was advertised in the first place… first of all I didn’t advertise said item and the commercials always say something like “available at participating McDonald’s” or “prices and participation may vary”. 

14. I do not make the prices of the merchandise, I just work here.

15. A McFlurry is NOT a drink – it is a dessert. It does NOT come with your value meal.

16. You can’t “biggie size” or “go large” with you’re meal. Call it “supersize” if you wish, but “large size” will suffice.

17. Value meal. “I would like a value meal”.  Don’t call it a “meal deal”.  Just because it rhymes doesn’t make it cute.

18. “First window” is not the same as “second window”. 

19. The Big Breakfast does not come with pancakes.  The Deluxe does.  Neither of them come with a drink.  No, I did not mess up your order… you just didn’t read the menu.

20. (I think only the people who work at the same McDonald’s as I do will appreciate this one)  We are not forcing you to vote for Obama.

 So there you have it. 

I’m sure all fast food workers will find humor in it… anyway. I apologize if you just so happen to BE one of these customers… we all make mistakes sometimes. But the important thing is… we can laugh about it later.


2 thoughts on “Veins of Glass Entry – 10/28/08

  1. Don’t apologize >.> Especially if the recipient of the apology happens to be the perpetrator of number nine. You just… Shouldn’t breed. At all.

  2. @BrokenDream1987 – rofl.  I won’t apologize to Number Nine.  I refuse.


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