Veins of Glass Entry – 11/5/08

Wednesday, 5 November 2008
.:All The Colors, Upon Leaving, All Will Turn to Grey:.
Mood:  special
Topic: Random

It is November 5th.  Hard to believe that even as the sun goes down and the cresent moon shines in the sky the temperature remains comfortable. 

I walked outside at about 6:30, which is not late by any means, but it feels like it since it gets dark around 5:30 now.  A slight breeze filled the air occassionally, but it’s nowhere near enough to make me uncomfortable.  I enjoy it, in fact. 

After my reading teacher recommended one of her favorite books “The Martian Chronicles” I decided to check it out.  We read an exerpt of it in class and analyzed it. 
The part of the story that we read was about a futuristic (it takes place in August 2026), automated house in, much like Disney Channel’s Smart House.  But there was no one living in it.  Yet it continued keeping the family’s schedule, cooking, cleaning, protecting itself like it was apparently programmed to do.  At the end of this section a gust of wind blows a tree  branch into the window of the house, knocking over a bottle of cleaning solvent onto the stove, setting the room ablaze.  The fire consumes the house leaving it as nothing but a wall that is still speaking, but the section cuts off there, and does not tell us what says. 
Reading this made me feel empty like the house, but it was so interesting to me anyway. 

So I walk to the library.  This is something I do not normally do, as I am not an avid reader.  I haven’t really liked anything I read in high school and really only enjoyed a handful of books in general.  I wasn’t even going to read Twilight when it was first recommended to me.  But when my best childhood friend lent it to me, I fell in love with the series. After I finished reading them, I felt a little empty, as pathetic as that sounds.  But the thing is, I’ve been feeling empty as it is. Reading took my mind off that feeling.  When I had nothing more to read, the feeling came back.  So I’ve been trying to find other things to read.  And since the books that I have been looking for aren’t on the shelf right now, I decided to try out this one.  I haven’t opened it yet, but we’ll see. I’m not sure how I feel about Science Fiction…

On my way to the library, witih my Zune in hand, I put on Good Charlotte, an old favorite. “In This World (Murder)” off The Chronicles of Life and Death.  As I recall, that was my favorite song from that album.  I remember the days when I used to love that band.  And if I were really living in those days now, I wouldn’t be walking to the library alone.  I would probably have an entire group with me. In those days bumming around the neighborhood was THE thing to do. Because really, what else was there to do?  Now it feels like there isn’t anyone to bum around the neighborhood with. 
I feel like I’ve watched too many people fade out of my life.  And when you’re in college, it’s easy to let people slip away. 

“Some say that time changes, best friends can become strangers. But I don’t want that, no, not for you.”

In Good Charlotte’s “Say Anything”, this line seems so true.  In high school, I never really thought that I’d actually see the truth of that one line.  And when I think back to the high school days, I truly wish that I could have enjoyed it more.  Sometimes I think I took the entire experience for granted. 
I always thought that these people would be in my life even after high school graduation. That things would never change and we’d go for late night walks around the town every week. 

Just like the automated house that keeps doing it’s job every day because that is what it is programmed to do, we keep living our lives with the same routine that we are used to… until we are consumed by the fire.

I think I might like this book.




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