Veins of Glass Entry – 11/12/08

Wednesday, 12 November 2008
.:Shuffling the Cards of Your Game:.
Mood:  don’t ask
Now Playing: Sooner or Later (acoustic) by Breaking Benjamin
Topic: Ranting


I am marked for disappointment.  I can’t even go to Best Buy to get a simple poster that was supposed to be held for me, without them being totally gone.  I didn’t even go home after work, I went to Best Buy to get the damn poster.  First of all, if you say you’re going to hold something for a customer, than you do it. 
And obviously I couldn’t see that as being foreshadowing for the big event that is happening today. 
Okay, you little teenaged fuck-heads, the reason they say “no camping out” is to make it fair game for the people who actually HAVE a life and can’t waste it sitting in the rain in the middle of the night.  You think that makes you a true fan? No, it makes you an asshole.  They weren’t supposed to open the doors until seven but because you had to go and be a dumbass, they started selling the wristbands at 1am.  And really smart – Hot Topic –  they go and break the rules, but what do you do? Let them in early.  How nice.

So people who get there at 5am, obeying the rules,  get totally screwed over.  Thanks a lot you assholes.

I’ve never met any celebrity worth meeting, so sue me if I thought this would be exciting for me. 

It doesn’t matter, anything I get my hopes up for gets ruined in the end, might as well continue this pattern that way. 
When I go to the midnight showing of the movie, the theater will probably burn down two minutes before it starts, with the way things go for me. 

Why can’t I have anything?



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