Veins of Glass Entry – 11/23/08 (aka my Twilight Review)

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10 The first Twilight book, I believe, was released in 2005, and the epidemic hit. I don’t know much about how popular it was in those days, I’ve only just begun the series in September of this year. So yes, I am a newborn Twihard, but a dedicated Twihard nonetheless. As soon as I got hooked on the first book, I went and bought the others right away. It was only shortly after I finished reading the entire series that I started looking up information about the soon-to-be released film. I knew of it and all but not more than that.

I started looking up trailers, pictures, actor biographies, all sorts of things. Soon enough the upcoming film was a much anticipated event for me just as it was for millions of other Twihards. Stephenie Meyer’s series was so fascinating to me. I often got so engrossed in Bella and Edward’s interactions that I’d forget the passing time. I was very interested to see how this story would unfold on the big screen.

We’d been waiting months for this.

We’ve collected trailers, interviews, photos, pod casts, movie clips, posters, clothing, and anything else imaginable.

And now, it was here.

My friends and I arrived at the theater at 10pm, just two hours before the movie. The level of our excitement had been growing by the hour all day long and by that time, we were ecstatic. Sharing thoughts on the books with fellow fans (along with expectations for the film), texting pictures to each other, watching the trailers on my Zune, and playing video games on our cell phones were various ways we occupied our minds until the half an hour before the starting time.

When the lights dimmed the crowd cheered. The movie began.

I’d really like to shy away from spoilers as I don’t want to ruin this for any fellow Twihard who has yet to see it. But at this point I am speaking freely so I’ve no idea what might slip out. So if you have not seen the movie and you intend to I wouldn’t recommend reading.



When I watched the movie the first time, as I had mentioned before, I was unsure how I felt about it. It just didn’t stand out to me the way I had expected it to. I found too many negative things about it and didn’t focus on the really great things.

It’s true. There appears to be things missing from the story. And the transition of Bella and Edward’s relationship was far too abrupt. It’s fairly abrupt in the book as well, but not quite to that extent. I’d like to have seen a little more of their development. Despite that, the emotion was there. It was real. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson really became Bella and Edward. And the things that seem to be missing are merely condensed to fit the two hour span.
I believe that there were effects of the film that could have been better. Portraying the speed of the running vampires was just not appealing to me.
I was however, extremely impressed with the sunlight bit. I had my fears about this particular scene. I was afraid that the effects would be too difficult to re-enact this so it would not be done at all, or that it would be overdone. But I was pleasantly surprised to see Edward sparkle in the sun exactly the way I had pictured it from the book. I really liked how they paid attention to detail in the vampires’ eyes. Their eyes were black when they were blood-thirsty and gold when they weren’t, just as Meyer had intended. And then there were some key scenes that were brilliantly done. When Bella is being pursued by a group of men in a dark alley and Edward peels in with his shiny silver Volvo, for example. We can see how angry Edward is and how close he really is to killing them. He tells Bella to distract him so he won’t turn around and kill them. Very true to the book. Other amazing scenes include the scene in the forest (similar to the meadow scene) when Edward says my favorite line in the entire series “and so the lion fell in love with the lamb” as they are confessing their love for each other, the baseball scene of course, and Edward vs. James. The baseball scene is almost exactly the way I had pictured it. The speed of the game, the thunderous crashing of the bat against the ball, and the graceful dance-like pitching skill of Alice. It was all brilliant. Edward vs. James was perfectly choreographed. And while it wasn’t in the book since Bella was unconscious during most of the scene, it was a very breathtaking fight scene.
The prom scene was not how imagined it, but beautiful all the same. And though it wasn’t exactly how I pictured it in my mind, it was still similar to the book in most ways. I am disappointed that we didn’t get to see the rest of the Cullens in their formal attire, though.
The kissing scene is well done too. The way Edward hesitated because he was afraid to get too close and the way he pulled back and flew across the room when things got too tempting for him. The only problem I had with it is that it wouldn’t have gotten that far. Edward would have pulled back quicker than that.
Besides all the expected scenes, the movie contained quite a bit of humor, as there is in the book.


I’d comment on other things, but you’ll just have to see them for yourself.

Questions that I asked myself before watching:

Does the movie live up to the expectation that Twihards held for it? Well, I’d say yes it does.

Could it have been better? Totally, if this movie had been give a bigger budget to work with, it’d have been extraordinary. But they worked well with what they had.

Did the soundtrack fit?  Yes, the soundtrack sounds a lot better in the movie than it does on my Zune. Tongue out

Is it as good as the book? Definitely not. But most film adaptations of novels are not.

Overall, the film was brilliant. I’d recommend it for those of you haven’t read the books as well.



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