Veins of Glass Entry – 1/2/09

Friday, 2 January 2009
.:Hearts and Thoughts They Fade, Fade Away:.
Mood:  sad
Now Playing: Someday We’ll Know by Jonathan Foreman and Mandy Moore
Topic: Life

Another year has gone and passed, believe it or not.  So here I am, attempting to welcome 2009 the best I can.  For some of us, 2008 didn’t have much for us.  We took our beating and now all we can do is hope for a better year. 

But what do we do when it doesn’t look very promising, on the very first day of the new year?

Does this law of equivalent exchange have any loopholes at all?  Why does it always seem that someone else has to be hurt in order for someone else to be happy?  Or is this the price we pay in the pursuit of happiness?  Is all the pain worth it in the end?  And why does it seem like it’s so much easier for others?  Do some people have to pay more than others?

These are all questions that can only be answered with time, if they can be answered at all.  Some people go through their entire life without ever finding the answers.  As for me, I’m wondering if I should bother.  2008 didn’t have anything to offer me.  Why should it be any different for the shiny new 2009? Or 2010, 2011, and 2012 for that matter?

But I’ll be a good sport. 

Happy New Year, 2009, may it bring the best to your life.


Love, Jessi at 12:03 AM CST

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