.:I’ll Leave When the Wind Blows:.

Work fucking sucks…

Just saying.

I’m sick of people. I’m sick of sitting at home not wanting to go out because I’m worried about waking up early.  I’m sick of being on my feet all day with no praise for the good. I’m sick of hearing what I’ve done wrong. 

“Mark the cups… stir the drink 12 times… double fold the bags… time the coffee… smile…”

You know what I say?


I don’t fucking care that there’s pickles on your burger even though you asked for it without.

I don’t fucking care that your coffee is not hot enough when I burned myself making it for you.

I don’t fucking care that your fries are too salty.

I don’t fucking care that you wanted a large but paid for a medium.

I don’t even fucking care that you’re allergic to egg. 

I don’t care!!!

And I don’t care that I’m not smiling like Barbie when I take your order.  If you’re not polite to me, there’s no reason why I have to be polite to you!

Just because I work for a fast food company and I don’t make as much as you doesn’t give you the right to treat me like crap you scrape off the bottom of your shoe.  Take your stupid chicken nuggets and choke on them. 

God… working with the public has given me the bleakest outlook on humanity, it’s not even funny.  Customer service is just not my calling… I’m the wrong person for this.


Bad day? No, not particularly. Although I did wake up in a pretty good mood and now I’m crabby for some reason.  I need a vacation or something.






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