.:They Taped Over Your Mouth, Scribbled Out the Truth with Your Lies:.


I’m so happy to be staying out late tonight.  I have to do things like that on a weekly basis for the sake of my sanity. Anyway, I have to get ready… but here is a survey again. 

See, I promised to balance it out, haha.



Who are you liking? 
Who is your best friend? 
Who makes you happy? 
My friends and family
Who is your favorite family member on your moms side? 
Uhhh, I don’t really know
Who is your favorite family member on your dads side? 
Brian.  I don’t really like choosing favorites but I picked him just because I’m the closest with him.
Who are you closest to? 
Who do you tell your secrets to? 
A couple people
Who were you with last night? 
I was at home last night 
Who do you live with? 
My family

What’s your full name?  
Jessi Michelle
What’s your birthdate? 
What’s your favorte color? 
pink and black
What’s your favorite sport?  
What’s your favorite number? 
Don’t have one
What do you do in your spare time? 
What are your pets names? 
Bonnie and Drakula
What’s your favorite song? 
Right now I’m obsessed with Two Weeks by All That Remains 
What’s your favorite T.V. show? 
House MD
What’s your favorite movie? 
What vehicles do your parents drive? 
Ford Escape and Ford Explorer

Where were you on your last birthday? 
Where do you live? 
Where do you want to live? 
Where was your last vacation to? 
Where did you go in a car last?  
Home from work
Where do your grandparents live? 
Here in Illinois
Where do you want to go to college? 
MVCC is fine
Where is your heart? 
In a box somewhere.

When did/will you graduate?  
When do you want to get married? 
I don’t know
When are you happy? 
When I’m chilling with my friends
When did you cry last?  
A while ago
When are you moving next? 
I don’t know 
When did you last get a text?
Around 9:30 this morning  
When are you going to bed? 
I don’t know
When is the last time you took a vitamin? 
A long time ago

Why do you think you were born? 
Because my parents were horny?
Why is Britney Spears so messed up? 
I blame the television… 
Why are you stressed? 
I’m not
Why is MySpace so addictive? 
It’s not
Why do clowns scare people? 
I don’t know, they are a little strange
Why are you bored?  
I’m not.
Why is Tom Cruise so wierd? 
I have no earthly idea.
Why are you taking this survey?
I like taking surveys.


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