.:I Can See it As You Turned to Stone:.


At my job, I believe that I’m pretty dependable.  I have never once called off. I’ve only been late a few times. I don’t leave early unless I’m really sick or have a good reason. I don’t refuse to stay late unless I know I can’t.  I do my work without complaining and I rarely ask for days off unless I have something planned in advanced.  My schedule is very open with the exception of school. But even then I normally take night classes and can still work in the morning like usual.  I don’t go home with a bunch of food.

So when I ask for one certain day off a week, I don’t really think that I’m asking too much… In fact, compared to how much other people ask for, it’s nothing.  Friday nights are a great night for a bonfire, a group activity, or something, anything with friends.  And I’m sick of saying “gee, I’d love to stay but I have to go home and sleep. I’m working tomorrow.”  For crying aloud, I just want Saturdays off. I don’t care what other day I get off.  It doesn’t matter. I just want Saturdays.  There’s plenty of other people who have solid, etched in stone “I always know what my schedule looks like” hours.  Why can’t I? In fact, I’m not even asking for a fixed schedule. I just want to know that I will be free on Friday nights and not have to worry about time. At first it didn’t really matter that I’m not getting what I ask for.  Because really, I didn’t expect to have the day off just because I don’t feel like working. But now it’s just pissing me off.  Why shouldn’t I get the day off because I don’t feel like it? My life does not revolve around my customers and co-workers.  If I work my ass off every other day then why the hell shouldn’t I get one fucking day to myself?

I’m sick of this.  They don’t notice when I do a good job.  They don’t care about what my needs are.  I have to stand around talking to ignorant people all day who treat me like shit and for what?  Minimum wage?  No fast food company is worth all this frustration.  No job is worth this.  But what am I supposed to do? Quit and find myself another crappy job that barely pays and makes me feel just as bad about myself? 

God… is it really too much to ask to just keep me off the schedules for Saturdays so I can have Friday nights to go out and lose track of time with my close friends? Ugh.

I just want to cry.



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