.:When Your World’s Come Crashing Down, I Want to Relive:.

Well. I am off today. And I had my fun yesterday.  So today it’s time to stay in and get things done. 

So here’s my To Do list for today:

+Clean out the car
+Clean the room
+Change the bedding in Drakula’s cage
+Make the dinner, as usual
+Play Pokemon Pearl with Angela’s Pokemon Diamond.  Okay. Not exactly a chore but I promised.

Was there anything else? I can’t think of any…

Must be it. 

Procrastination time for right now. 

Videos totally worth Watching

The Internet is For Porn – World of Warcraft Version. Best one I’ve seen thus far.

Taylor Swift and T-Pain

Pokemon Theme Song

It didn’t have the embed code. So click here to see it.

My Spoon Is To Big!!

Hamster on A Piano Eeee! He’s eating popcorn on a piano lmao!

Time to get to work.



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