.:I’m Hearing Your Voice Without Words on the Other Side:.

News News News.

I’ve just been surfing lately. And I found some really fun information. At least I thought it was fun.

First of all, there will be remakes of the games Pokemon Silver and Gold.  They will be called Pokemon: Soul Silver and Pokemon: Heart Gold.   It is set to be released in Japan in September of this year.  There are only rumors of the release date here in the US.  Most people seem to agree that we will see it sometime in early 2010. But I think it’d make a great Christmas present.

I would just like to say that this makes me really excited. I rather enjoyed the Silver/Gold/Crystal versions of the game and the DS has great graphics. I’m looking foward to checking out the gameplay. 
You can view brief gameplay:

And there’s just a little more information here! And I’ll post more information as I find it.

I am also excited to find out that Tim Burton will be doing a remake of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland.  That was not exactly my favorite movie, but it was very fascinating.  And I can only imagine what Tim Burton will do with it. The release date will be March 5, 2010 and there is a cast list here.

I can’t find any trailers just yet, so they must not be released. I’ll keep posting about that.

Also. Breaking Benjamin posted a blog to their MySpace today stating that they are in the studio working on their fourth album. There was no talk of when exactly we’ll be seeing that, but I’m assuming it will be soon!  That makes me very excited!

As for New Moon and all… I haven’t really been keeping up on that.  All the buzz has been getting to me, actually. But there is a really cool person here on Xanga who has been posting stuff. You should subscribe to her if you haven’t already. 

And I’m thinking that’s all for now. 




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