.:You’re The Star of the Masquerade:.

 Things to buy:
[X]Drakula’s food
[X]Pizza rolls
[X]Something to drink besides pop.
[X]A breakfast item of some sort.
[]A card for Ali
[]A present for Daveface
[X]Pizza flavored Goldfish crackers
[]Nail polish remover

I went grocery shopping with my mom last night. From time to time I’ll go with her to keep her company.  She can’t go with Angela without being begged to check out the electronic section.  Although, I did the same thing in hopes I could find the Fire Red version of Pokemon.  It’s the only one Ang and I are missing so far and it’s a remake of the old school games. 

But anyway.  I got most of the things on the list. Drakula was very happy to hear the bag rustling when I brought his food upstairs.  Silly boy. 
There are two things that can never be missing from the house.  Those things are pizza rolls and pizza flavored goldfish.  First of all, pizza rolls are my favorite snack food.  And you have no idea how quickly Dad and I can go through a bag of the fishy crackers.  3 for $5 at Fairplay. Score. 
I’ve been tired of drinking pop.  To be honest, I don’t like it very much.  Water gets boring and I dislike milk unless it’s chocolate or strawberry.  Not to worry! 79 cent Powerade bottles.  FYI, I didn’t buy “Mountain Blast” because that’s the kind we sell at work.  “Strawberry Lemonade”, “Grape”, and “Lemon Lime” seemed like a better idea. 
You know what else is great? 2 for $3 waffles.  I might actually start eating breakfast.

Sadly, I didn’t think to buy nail polish remover while we were out.  I never really wear nail polish, as I am not really a girly girl.  But occassionally I wish I had prettier fingernails.  Unfortunetly, when it starts chipping off it drives me insane. So I have to take it off.  Since I haven’t worn nail polish in a million years, I have no way to do this.  And I also need a card to bring to Ali’s tonight.  I think I might need to make a trip to the local CVS.  

I also think that Daveface and I need to make a shopping trip so he can pick out something awesomely for his birffffday.  Eee! My Faceday senses are a-tingling.

I think it’s time to start getting ready and such. 

But first.

Videos Totally Worth Watching

Ozzy Osbourne’s WoW Commercial – Best WoW commercial. Ever. Hands down.

Misheard Lyrics “Gotham Arse Race” – If you like misheard lyrics, I highly recommend this one. Funniest misheard lyric video I have ever seen.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Commercial – Okay. I don’t know about you, but I laughed until I cried when this came out.

Pokemon Music… The Lavender Town music – Very creepy. I was using this to drive Angela nuts.  This is from the good old days.

Oh. I forgot. Today I was outside on my break, and I saw a baby bird.  Tara and I named him Level 3Pidgey.

pidgey Isn’t he cute?
Okay. That’s all.



5 thoughts on “.:You’re The Star of the Masquerade:.

  1. Tebor says:

    2 eProps for the “Level 3Pidgey” joke alone.

  2. I bought both the Alliance and Horde mountain dew =3 They’re duhlishuz.

  3. @BrokenDream1987 – You can haz teh buttles?? I has da can. But me wants to save da buttles.  The can iz junk.

  4. Me can has butt! But me has can cause da can = purdy.


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