.:There’s An Awful Lot of Breathing Room but I Can Hardly Move:.


Alright, so not much to say tonight.  I got home from my 9 hour shift today and ended up sleeping for about 4 hours.  Meaning, I just woke up about a half an hour ago and I’ll be going to bed within the next couple of hours.  This isn’t good. How am I going to fall asleep?
I’m off tomorrow and Tuesday which kind of sucks because that means I’m working all the way through the rest of the week.  Although I might give away my hours for Saturday.  I usually do not like to do this. I want my hours so if I ever need the day off I like to switch with people.  But there was talk of going to Challenge Park to take photographs on Saturday and we would have to leave in the morning for that.  So, if Daveface is still up for the adventure, give away my hours I shall.

And while I am on the topic of work, I want to share this video.  This kind of bitch is the reason why I can’t stand working for the public.  Excuse me while I pull down my pants so that she may kiss my ass.   Note: The McDonald’s she is talking about is not the one I work at, but it may as well have been.  This video really pissed me off.

So, Ali’s party was pretty cool. I couldn’t stay too late, sadly.  The only thing that sucked was it was supposed to be outside but it started raining. I wonder if the rain ever let up after I left?  I hope she got to enjoy her party. 

So that ends the talky-part.

I did this thing before and one of the “rules” is to never disucss it again. But there’s a lot that I need to say to people.  So. Here it goes.

* List 11 things you want to say to 11 different people.

* Don’t say who they pertain to.

* Feel free to comment, but don’t confirm or answer anything.

* Never discuss it again.

1.  This is unbelievably hard to say, but I don’t think I can trust you anymore.  There will still be a special place in my heart for you and I won’t ever let you go.  But things are different now.  That really sucks.

2.  You are the person I can go to for anything. You’ve seen me at my lowest times and you’ve seen me at my silliest.  I love you with all my heart and I know we will remain the best of friends. Thank you for being my go-to for life’s problems and funtime as well.  There is no one like you. You are awesome, so please don’t ever change.

3.  You are really freaking strange.  But no matter what I say to you, I love and care about you and always will. And if anyone ever tries to mess with you they have to answer to me!

4.  You are really starting to piss me off.  What makes you think you can treat people like that?  It’s not my fault I’m short, there’s some things I know I can’t do. But I try my hardest and I don’t think I deserve to be talked to in the way that you talk to me.

5.  What can I say? You broke my heart.  I never really expected it from you.  Friends? I don’t know. It’s just too hard.

6.  At least there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. My job drives me crazy but at least I can vent to you. About work or other things.  You know a lot of things that most of the people there wouldn’t even care to ask.  I am glad to have met you and I truly appreciate you hearing me out and offering me words of wisdom.  I respect and look up to you more than you know.  Even after I leave that hell hole I am going to continue to stay in touch with you.  Thank you so much for being there for me.

7.  You are a fuckbag. I was stupid for even thinking that you were being sincere when you said you wanted me.  You used me. You took advantage of me.  You fucked me over and you don’t even care. You never cared. If I ever see you again you will endure some sort of physical pain, most likely directed at your groin area.  And if by some chance you read this and you know I’m talking about you I just know you’re going to try and play the innocent act to make me feel bad about posting this.  Don’t. I won’t buy it.  I know what you were after now and I’m sorry I ever gave it to you.

8.  I miss you! We used to see each other all the time but then our schedules got in the way. I enjoy playing catch-up with you every so often but I do miss the good old days.  I’d give anything right now to fill up a little pool and gather up our Disney toys and sit outside and play with you!  Although I think we might be a little too big now…  but you get what I mean. Stay in touch, always. Because I would never want to lose you!

9.  Okay. Where to begin? Well. You talk to me. You listen to me.  We don’t get to see much of each other anymore, but I really enjoy your company.  Being around you makes me feel good.  I wish I could tell you and I wish I knew how you felt…

10.  Stop messing with her heart, please?  It bugs me.

11.  You know, I don’t think I tell you how awesome you are nearly enough.  Thanks for being so awesome and easy to talk. Love ya!

That was kind of hard. After 9, I had a hard time thinking of someone.  And sadly, I censored some of them in fear that they’d actually be read by the person they are addressed to. For most, that’s fine for some but for others – scary. 

Ahh so that’s all for tonight. I’m hungry and I think I’m also just gonna go back to bed within an hour or so.




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