.:Because When I Arrive, I Bring the Fire:.


Today I decided to do something with Ang.  We were going to go rollerblading but it looks like it might rain. I just did her nails. We might watch some more Deathnote or something.  I’d like to rollerblading… maybe we could do that before it rains or something.

Anyway. Here’s the videos I promised.

Videos Totally Worth Watching

Baby Panda Sneezes – Very Awww-Worthy

Boy Meets World, Episode “Angela’s Men” Part 2 – Hilarious if you love Eric as much as I do. Sneak Attack! Priceless! This is a few minutes long – just so you know.

Lavender Town Reversed – Even creepier than the one I posted before. Haha.

MUSIC VIDEO “Let it Rock” – This song is freaking catchy. Sadly every Official Music video I found for this song had the code disabled so this is just a video of the lyrics.

Hope you enjoyed.



2 thoughts on “.:Because When I Arrive, I Bring the Fire:.

  1. Tebor says:

    Hahaha, that panda is a prankster. 😀

  2. @Tebor –  ^____^ He’s so cute!


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