.:Unbreakable, Like Nothing Could Go Wrong:.

I just finished the first volume of Deathnote. I’m really glad Angela got me hooked on it. It’s really cool.  I need to get my hands on the next volume!

Really, that was the only thing I had to say… nothing new going on here.  I’ve been feeling a little low lately… like my confidence is fading. And I don’t really feel like talking about it any further. 

So. That’s all for today.  I have some “videos totally worth watching” to post though.

Videos Totally Worth Watching

McDonald’s Rap – This amuses and makes me sick all at the same time…

AMV of Wolfwood “Pray for Me” – This is the best Wolfwood amv I’ve seen.

Amazing Pokemon Intro – A buddy of mine was goofing around and I could not stop laughing

Deathnote Best Line – Alright, so I was watching Deathnote and this was probably the most hilarious thing that happened on that show.  “L” (my favorite character) makes a joke about Light’s name.

So those are my videos for now.  Have a good day!



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