.:We’re All Gonna Get in a Fight:.

Today was one of those strange days at work. 

It sucked as usual.  But it had it’s moments. 

Okay. So do you wanna know how to irritate me?  Here’s what you do when you come visit me at work.

1. Order apple pies when we’re out.  I will tell you how long it will take to make them.  You should come back every 2 minutes asking if they’re ready yet, regardless of the fact that it takes 12 minutes to bake them. 

2. Complain that the coffee is cold, even though I just made it and it’s still steaming.

3. Pay for your order with a used gift card. Then realize that you didn’t bring enough to pay for the rest of your order and ask to change said order thus making us have to several round-a-bout ways to do this since it is impossible to modify, refund, cancel any order in the middle of a transaction.

4. Call me “coffee specialist” instead of my name which is clearly printed on my tag.  I love that – it never gets old. Ever.

5. Instead of putting your money in my out-stretched hand, throw it on the counter. 

6. Rather than returning my friendly “hello” start spitting out your order without waiting for me to ask “may I help you?”  While you’re at it, begin your statement with “I want” or “Give me” and don’t say “please”.  This really gets me going!

7. Demand fresh food.  Because apparently we leave our food sitting out. Instead of having a rotation to ensure that you’re never getting old food.  Wow. Wish we thought of something like that.

8. Unless you order a small coffee or a small soft drink, the fact that you are a senior means nothing to me. So please, ask for discounts.

9. You want to hear what kind of sauces we have? What kind of dressing? What kind of soft drinks?  Let me read them off to you. While I do this, as soon as you hear the one you want, interrupt me! 

10. When you’re waiting for your food, ask me for the cup for your drink. Since the runner isn’t going to bring it to you with the food. 

11. If there’s something wrong with your order or you have a question, please interrupt me while I am with another customer.  Not only does this please me, this pleases the customer I am serving. 

12. I understand that your cell phone call is much more important than ordering and keeping things moving.  Please continue while you are standing at my register.

13. After you finish ordering, do not take a step to the side. Stand there in everybody’s way. I don’t have other customers to serve at all. 

14. Yes, “grape jelly” is the appropriate response to “hello, how are you today?” I’m so glad you knew that!

15. Yell at me if we’re not serving lunch yet/have stopped serving breakfast.  Because I deserve it.

Why, oh why, are people such jerks? 

Anyway. We had our fun too. After a long day of being on register I spent the last hour of my shift on fries.  Holly (Pookie Ookie) was the drive-thru runner.  And we had our fun making up silly code names for the fries.  I started it by pouting and declaring that she “took the baby away from it’s parents” when she took one of the small fries I made. 


Small fry = baby
Medium fry = parent
Large fry = grandparent


No salt = naked
Well done = sunburnt

In other words, if I needed to make a small fry with no salt, Pookie would say “Jess-jess, I need a Naked Baby!”  Our favorite variation was the large well done with no salt… the “Naked, Sunburnt, Grandparent”  haha.  I don’t think Pookie was able to stop laughing for a little while…

So for something other than work… I had a really strange dream the other night. I actually managed to remember every detail. As I mentioned before, this doesn’t happen often. I wrote it down so I wouldn’t forget and even looked up certain details online to see if I could figure out what it meant.  Basically, I figured out what I pretty much already knew… but it gave me a little more confidence. 

Well, I think that’s it. 



3 thoughts on “.:We’re All Gonna Get in a Fight:.

  1. Tebor says:

    Well, I’m glad the dream mystery was somewhat solved. Or rather solved but only yielded more evidence rather than a new conclusion.I’m also glad you made your own fun at work. That’s essential.That’s quite the pet peeves list. Sadly, I think I’m guilty of a few things on it. Sorry. :[

  2. @Tebor –  Haha which ones? Because I’ll gladly forgive you for #10 but any others might take some convincing. Sometimes, it is good to be silly at work. Makes it a lot less miserable. ^_^

  3. Tebor says:

    I think I’ve done #5 before, but that’s because I sometimes have problems making eye contact with people and will keep my head down the entire time. It’s some crazy psychological shy thing I have sometimes. As a result I don’t see them reaching out for the money.I know I’ve done #6 in many a drive thru’s, but that’s because they always start with a question like: “Would you like the (insane combo) today?” and I’ve gotten so sick of saying “No, thanks” I just pretend I didn’t hear what they said and launch into the order. Ordering etiquette is tricky… Inside, I try to be more polite, but I hate it when I’m asked “How are you today?” cause more often than not I’ll want to prattle on for twenty minutes about how it’s an all right day and some good things happened and some bad things too. Mostly it just builds a false sense of connection… But I always try to order things with: “Can I get the ____?”For the most part I try to be a non-entity and side step out of the way like I’m supposed to do. So I have those parts down.


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