.:I Fight For the Chance to Be Lied to Again:.



Another word for customers is “con-artist”.

So get this: Coin Guy calls corporate on “Buelah” to tell them all about his terrible visit.  Apparently by “yelling” at his daughter, Buelah has totally traumatized her.  To make up for such an inconvienance, we are treating him and four family members to anything they want, no matter how much it is.  So stealing change from outside our window wasn’t enough. He has to steal food too. 

People would say and do anything for free stuff. 

There was one woman who came into drive-thru to order four of our McCafe beverages.  Two Mochas, Two Cappucinos. All medium.  Because it takes quite a long time to make just one small one, we asked her to pull to the parking spot so that we could keep the line moving while I made the coffees. Being the “coffee specialist” I am.  I made all the coffees, put them in a drink holder, and then was about to ask someone to bring them out to her.  When all of a sudden I hear the sound of a bitching complaining customer. I can hear this sound from a mile away now. It stars in my nightmares. 

Bitch:  Seven cars just got their food and drove away and my drinks still aren’t done? I want my money back.

A manager: I’m sorry, let me get you a refund.

Me: Is this the parked order? I have it right here, it just finished.

Bitch: It should not take seven cars to make my drinks!

Me: I’m sorry, the machine can only make one of these drinks at a time. 

Bitch: It still should not take this long.

Me: (Gaaaaaah… Walks off angrily)

The manager:  The machine can only make one at a time and it only makes them so fast.  I’m sorry about your wait.

Bitch: Well you need to fix that. It shouldn’t take that long.

Fix it? Gah. It’s not broken.  You’re a dumbass.  I really wanted to drag her behind the counter and make her do it so she can see how long it takes.  It isn’t because it’s broken.  That’s just how the machine works.  So she got to keep her drinks and her $12. 

I’m noticing more and more people like this. 

Like when I was working the drive-thru today (actually I was putting someone on break, so I just got there and had no knowledge of any of the previous orders).  Apparently someone was coming through because they got the wrong order. So we fixed it and I handed her the correct order.  She tells me “now, this happened about 15 minutes ago. So I would like an iced coffee. Complimentary.”  Are you fucking kidding me???  You’re going to ask me for a free coffee?  No. We fixed your damn order!  Of course because the customer is always right I gave her the stupid iced coffee. And wished I could have spit in it or something. 

Anything for free stuff. Stupid con-artists.




2 thoughts on “.:I Fight For the Chance to Be Lied to Again:.

  1. Tebor says:

    Is there a website that’s writing about how the key to getting free stuff is to be a prick? That’s the problem. People are like children, you treat them once and they’ll just repeat the cycle. Then they’ll make someone else feel worse and they have to make someone else feel worse and so on and so on. Then no one’s feeling good. Somehow this snow ball is going roll downhill on them… Being a greedy jerk can’t be good for your karma.

  2. @Tebor –  If such as website exsists, more and more people have been visiting it very recently.  Well put though. What goes around comes around and karma will be back to bite these jerks right in the ass.


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