.:Well I’m a Total Wreck and Almost Every Day:.


Today was a nightmare and a half. We can start off by saying when I checked my schedule at work I found out that I am, in fact, working on my birthday. I sent a sad face text to Ryan who said he’d fix it.  I guess I’ll see then.

Work was kind of okay though.  I mean, it wasn’t bad.  The day ended quickly and I was going to make my way home then to the Guild BBQ I had planned to go to.  I was gonna ask Mr. J-Rag the Gangsta to join me as he’s in my guild as well.  So I got in the car, and called him.  And the call would not go through. I then discovered I could not text him either.  Then I discovered I could not text anyone at all…  nothing was working.  So I decided to turn the phone off and then back on again and see if that would help.  It didn’t.  In fact, the phone would not go back on at all.  But the lights on my keypad were on.  So “hang the BBQ” I said. I wanted to fix my phone.   I grabbed mommy (because the phone is in my parents’ name, I just pay the bill)  and we went to the nearest AT&T store to see if they would fix it. I got this phone in May of this year so it was still under warranty. 

We get there and have to wait for awhile.  We find out that the screen went out and that they can replace the phone for free.  But the catch is I had to either call the 800 number and have it delivered (so that’s like 4 days later) or drive out someplace farish to do the exchange because they don’t do it where we were.  I chose the latter.  I wanted to get my phone ASAP.  So we went there to find out that they don’t carry my phone there so I have to get it delivered anyway.  The dude there said if I really needed a phone then I could pick up a Pay-As-You-Go phone from Wal-mart or whatever and put my SIM card in there for the time being… Um no.  See, here’s the thing.  I should not be having troubles with the phone.  I should not have to buy anything.  But then, my phone made a noise indicating I had received a new voicemail. Four to be exact.  It was working again.  I decided to have them send the replacement anyway, because you never know… I might have this problem again.  Better safe than sorry.  The girl there said I would have to send the old one back.  Which is cool. Because what would I want with a broken phone?  So I should get the replacement by Wednesday at the latest and hopefully I won’t any problems with my current one until then. 

While I was out there, I was being summoned by the BBQ-goers who were wondering what the heck had happened to me and why they couldn’t get ahold of me for the past 3 hours.  I explained I was nowhere near the BBQ, and was probably not going to show up.  I don’t think they were happy. 

It’s not like I would have been able to get there without my phone anyway since I had to call someone for directions.  I feel pathetic that I am utterly useless without my cell phone.  But what can I say?  I have a party coming up anyway and would like to be aware of people calling me to let me know if they are attending. 

So that was an adventure… that I would not care to repeat.  

I’m kind of glad I stayed home anyway. I got to watch the “He Could Be the One” espisode of Hannah Montana that I missed.  I realize that show isn’t exactly geared toward my age group, but I happen to like it.  And I also thought this episode would be very interesting. And it was.  Plus, there’s something very ironic about the whole thing but you’d have to be familiar with both the show and my situation to understand why. 

In the show, Miley’s mother tells her “If you listen to your heart, the answer will always come to you.”  Which got me thinking again.  And I think I have my answer.

Well I think I’m done for tonight.



2 thoughts on “.:Well I’m a Total Wreck and Almost Every Day:.

  1. Tebor says:

    Dang it, Ryan! He better keep his word…I’m glad the phone situation worked out more or less — although sorry the BBQ fell through because of it. Why Life thought you needed another challenge I don’t know.I might giggle if “Hannah Montana” helped steer your life tonight. But if it does any good, I’m all for it. 

  2. @Tebor –  Hey, Hannah Montana has it’s moments haha.  I guess I already knew my answer anyway but Hannah helped too


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