.:You Starve and Near Exhaust Me:.


I never claimed to be an amazing artist.  Hell, I never claimed to be good.  I do think I’m alright at drawing things I copy but once I try to paint or color it in with pencils or something it ends up looking like crap.

Until today, when I gave up on cleaning my room and decided to sit down with my Sneasel drawing and some oil pastels.  I’ve only used oil pastels on a project once which ended up looking really crappy and as if I colored with crayons or something.  But back then I didn’t know the proper blending techniques. (Although I don’t really know if erasing things with a kneaded eraser could actually be considered proper…) 

But this turned out really great!  This is my Sneasel drawing:


Of course mine never looks as good as the original:


Sneasel is so damn cute!

Wow, I’m boring. 


Edit: Playing with the drawing in Photoshop… the result is this:




4 thoughts on “.:You Starve and Near Exhaust Me:.

  1. Tebor says:

    That’s actually really good! NICE! 😀

  2. @Tebor –  Thank you! Only took about an hour haha. 

  3. I agree with that duder Jessface ^_^ That’s almost like, spot on! I think you’re wrong, you’re a pretty freakin’ awesome artist person. Your Sneasel is teh awesomelyest.

  4. @BrokenDream1987 –  Thanks for the Daveface! I likes my Sneasel


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