.:Our Song is the Way You Laugh:.

I decided to go and buy a Taylor Swift CD with my birthday money yesterday.  I couldn’t decide which one I wanted. 

Fearless has a lot of good songs like “Love Story” and “You Belong With Me” and “White Horse” but Taylor Swift has “Teardrops on my Guitar” which is my favorite. 

So I bought both.  And I love them.

This is a big twist for me.  You see, I’m into rock whether it be punk, emo, metal, or whatever.  While I don’t see anything wrong with country, it just wasn’t something I’m into.  Actually, up until now the only country album I owned was Horse of a Different Color by Big and Rich.  But I’m gonna go ahead and say that Taylor Swift has made it onto my list of favorite artists for sure.  I’m happy with it. 

Although putting my Zune on shuffle is a little odd when I’m listening to Disturbed followed by Ms. Swift…

Heh. Oh well.

There’s my ramble.

Time for some videos.

Videos Totally Worth Watching

Video Mash Up Pirates + Breaking Benjamin – Now there’s an amazing combo.

Pokemon Mew Scene – If this isn’t the cutest thing I ever saw…

V for Vendetta Domino Scene –I always thought this was really cool.

Music Video “Teardrops on my Guitar” – Like I said, my favorite song.

No embedding code. Click here to watch it!

That’s all.


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