.:She Likes to Sleep Her Nights With Windows Open Wide:.

I wanted to share something with ya’ll.

As you know from my earlier blogs, I was bored. So I decided to see what dear Katie was up to.  This is the same person that I went to that weird mini-golf place with, as I mentioned before. She was free so we went to the local mall to hang out.  We ran into some people we knew so we talked to them for a bit until later when we got hungry.  We went to Daveface’s place of employment to bug him for a few then went to my place to eat. 

Katie and I started talking about the things we want to do with our life.  She loves photography and she wants to get into film.  She does make-up and stuff like that.  I want to be a website designer also with a degree in graphic design.  My graphic design talent has to mature, but my dad says he can see me designing album art for musicians, which would be an amazing job.  Katie said that’d be a great job for me too.  Anyway, she sent me a picture she took of herself so I could play around in Photoshop with it.  It ended up being something we both really loved. 

It’s called “She Paints Her Lips Every Night Blood Red” which is a lyric from “Christina Death” by The 69 Eyes, a band we both like.  The name came up in a very strange way too, that I feel I have to the story behind it as well.  When I make photo art, I like to name it after a song or a lyric from a song depending on what is most fitting for the image.  So I told her she could name it whatever she likes, as long as it was a song title or a lyric.  We were stuck and I suggested “Miss Murder” or “Christina Death.”  She liked the idea but felt like it could still be better.  I played “Christina Death”  on my Zune to see if anything popped.  We listened for a bit and heard him say the line.  At the same exact time Katie and I point at each other and exclaim “she paints her lips every night blood red!!” 

Felt like old times.

So here it is, “She Paints Her Lips Every Night Blood Red” starring and photographed by Katie and edited by Jessi:

(I’d suggest clicking on it for the larger view)

I really love it. 

If you were curious, this is the original image:


Goodnight all.



2 thoughts on “.:She Likes to Sleep Her Nights With Windows Open Wide:.

  1. Tebor says:

    OOOOOooo!!! VERY LOVELY! That’s really good. Great job! ^_^ I love the hue changes you made. And that title/lyric totally fits.

  2. @Tebor – Yaaay! Thank you very much! I’m glad you notice the hue adjustment! I was gonna go black and white and leave the flower in hair red, but I thought it’d be cool if you could see a faint red in her lips and the background. Katie seemed to really like the “crosshatch” filter I was messing around with because it made her eyelashes look longer, so we kept that too!  This is probably one of my best thingies and I lurves it!


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