.:Well I’m Just A Dice In Your Hands:.



Dear Ignorant Customers,

Please turn off your windshield wipers in drive-thru. You’re getting me wet. 
Also, please stop ignoring me while I’m trying to confirm your order. I don’t find it cute.
Also, please hurry. I have other work to get done before I can go home.



Love, Jessi

P.S. I hate you.

4 thoughts on “.:Well I’m Just A Dice In Your Hands:.

  1. LonerB says:

    You forgot to mention the idiots on the cell phones. Or the ones who have their music up so loud that it can be heard on Mars (I love my music loud but not when I am ordering something). Or the ones who can’t figure out what the hell they want. “Oh, no, wait… I’ll have… No, hold on… I think I’ll go with… Oh, wait…”I hated being a part of customer service. I am ecstatic that I don’t have to do that anymore.

  2. @LonerB – Oh yeah, you’re right. I hate those too.   Working in customer service has made me hate people more than I ever have before… once I get my certificate in website design, I’m getting the hell outta there!

  3. “No sir, you can’t have free shit because you stole our change.” People are ridiculous. I’m glad to be at Pops, we at least weed out the dumbass customers that think they can talk shit to us and get away with it. No, we can’t let you use our washroom, it’s against the law. No, you didn’t order any fries, don’t go saying we forgot because you didn’t ask to put them on the order and then demand them for free.I wish McDonalds would crack down on morons and corporate would actually comply with it. That’s bs the way that customers treat you guys.

  4. @BrokenDream1987 – Thanks Daveface.  Yeah, corporate definitely is all about the money.  They care about the customers, not the employees.


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