.:Knowing Nothing is Better Than Knowing it All:.

Things To Do On My Day Off Tomorrow

[]Wake Up Angela
Even though she is in high school and should do this on her own like I did, I will wake her up at 6 in the morning, then probably go back to sleep for a bit.
[]Start the Laundry
I did laundry yesterday. And it’s already time to do it again.  Because I have work clothes and bedsheets to wash. Joy.
[]Buy Database Design Textbook
I know the school bookstore said to check back on Tuesday and not Monday, but my mom reminded me that there is a bookstore right nearby that sells my school’s texts for slightly cheaper.  I forgot all about this place. Hopefully they will have the book I need.
[]Do Homework
Part of this is conditional on whether or not I get the book I need.  I can at least do my Web Page homework.
[]Get Folders
I have six million notebooks.  But no folders.  How did this happen?
[]Level My Hunter
I played my hunter today and managed to get my XP bar to about the halfway point. If I work at it tomorrow, I can hit level 43.

I keep thinking I’m missing something. 

So. As my pulses had indicated, my poor pink Zune bit the dust.  Here’s my adventure on that.

Friday night was a Faceday.  I went to Daveface so’s we could chill and stuff.  Totally awesome.  He had DnD, so I left around 11pm.  When I went outside, with keys and Zune in hand, I dropped the Zune in the grass. 
That thing has taken falls to hardwood floors, it’s fallen down the stairs, it has been dropped from my car onto the concrete, and then some.  I was pretty much convinced that a car could run it over and it would still be unscathed.

But I drop it in the grass and BAM.  It doesn’t turn on.  How in the hell does that happen?

Granted the grass was wet, but doubtfully wet enough to do any damage to the Zune’s wires or anything like that.  Seriously. Two or three drops of water, tops.  It’s not like it fell in a puddle or something.

Well.  The next day I find that I do have enough money for a brand new 16GB Zune (according to Walmart’s website) which is double what I have.  I figured that I might as well give myself an upgrade while I’m buying a new one.  I go to the local Walmart and they have nothing but the 120GB.  Which is way out of my price range.  And I really don’t need an mp3 player with the memory capacity of an old computer!  I just need something that will hold my music.  So I go home.  And I call Best Buy.  The lady on the phone tells me that they do not have that.  So I ask her if she has the 8GB. I really wanted an upgrade, but I’ll settle for what I already have too.  She tells me they’re discontinued.  What?  Okay, so I pretty much want to cry at this point.  Going music-less is simply not an option.  I call the other Walmart near me anyway.  But they are Amish or something and don’t believe in phones. 

When I finally got through to the sales rep, she transferred my call to electronics. Who did not pick up the phone.

So I decided to be brave and go there anyway.  They had the 8GB Zune.  In black. Only black.  No blue, no red, and certainly no pink.  Black is cool and all, but I was rather fond of my cute pink one. 

Actually the fact that I have a black one now freaked me out briefly today. After work I got in the car, took the Zune out of my pocket, and looked at it and immediately became confused.  “Wait, why is it.. oh. Yeah. That’s right. The pink one is dead.”  I am such a spaz.

That’s my adventure for ya. 




2 thoughts on “.:Knowing Nothing is Better Than Knowing it All:.

  1. I’ll buy you a pair of those fancy black headphones to match your new Zune, Jessface.

  2. @BrokenDream1987 – The hot pinks ones actually look really cool. I like the pink n black contrast.  Let me know about Challenge Park though


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