.:Explain to Me This Conspiracy Against Me:.

Today I read one of those featured blogs ya’ll see when you log on.  It was the one about “What not to do in a grocery store.”

I love reading blogs in which others complain about customer service. This is very relatable. I’m not a big fan of reading comments from people who don’t agree, gotta be honest.   There were plenty of positive comments and such… of course.  But there were a few who decided to imply that we don’t have the right to complain as we chose the job in customer service so we have to deal with serving rude customers.  Or some who said stuff about how they would never come to a store if they knew that employee was so bitter or whatever.

I would like to say something to those people. 

Yes, we chose the job. That does not mean we have to like it.  And for some of us, we’re stuck with it. Yes, that is going to make us miserable. 

Also, this is a blog.  We all have every right to vent about our jobs if we damn please.  Don’t like it?  Then go read another fucking blog.

And another thing. It isn’t our fault that people have to be so rude/stupid to us.  They’re pratically begging to be featured in such angry blogs.


Today is Friday, so it’s time for the song of the week. 

I’ve been on a Paramore kick, so I choose my favorite song, “Conspiracy” by them.

Song of the Week


Please speak softly, for they will hear us
And they’ll find out why we don’t trust them
Speak up dear cause I cannot hear you
I need to know why we don’t trust them

Explain to me this conspiracy against me (yeah…yeah)
And tell me how I’ve lost my power (Ohh, yeah)

Where can I turn? Cause I need something more
Surrounded by uncertainty I’m so unsure
Tell me why I feel so alone cause I need to Know to whom do I owe

Explain to me this conspiracy against me (yeah…yeah)
And tell me how I’ve lost my power (ohh, yeah)

I thought that we’d make it
Because you said that we’d make it through
And when all security fails
will you be there to help me through

Explain to me this conspiracy against me (Yeah….yeah)
And tell me how I’ve lost my power (ohhhhhh….)

I’ve lost my power

I’ve got a busy weekend planned.  I thought I was gonna be hitting a bar with Miss Lizzy, who is town for the weekend, but it looks like she made other plans, seeing as how it is 7:00 and she hasn’t called yet.  Maybe I’ll give her a call in a few and see if she’s still up for something.  I need a drink. 

Tomorrow, Daveface and I are finally going to make up that adventure that got ruined by work. We’re gonna get up early and head to Challenge Park for some action photography.  I am really excited. I get a Faceday plus hopefully a whole bunch of new pictures to play with in Photoshop. 

Sunday, I have to work and unless something pops up I will probably not be doing anything else after.  I will most likely make this a homework day.  And when that’s done I can always play World of Warcraft.

Monday, I am off again.  Kelsey, Jake, and I are going to the Renaissance Faire. It’s the last day. I’ve never been to one so I’m really excited.

I’m excited for the weekend overall. I don’t really do much. I don’t have complaints, really. I am not much of a party animal. I am perfectly content with chilling at home.  But I do like to get out once in awhle. Plus, the family is going camping without me again.  So it’s nice to have a packed weekend to keep me busy.

Texting Miss Lizzy now.  We’ll probably do something at 9.  Sounds good to me.  Hopefully it involves drinking…

God, I sound like a lush. 

Well.  I think that’s it for now.  I might blog later… checklist for tomorrow and whatnot.  We’ll see.

If you don’t hear from me, have a great weekend!!



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