.:I’m A Word That No One Ever Wants to Say:.

Do you recall me talking about how I liked that Chevelle is one of those bands that doesn’t change but yet their sound is better with every new album? 

Well, Brand New is kind of the opposite.  By that I mean, they change.  That’s not a bad thing either. I’m just saying… they change.  If you listened to Your Favorite Weapon and compared it to their newest album, Daisy, you would probably say that it wasn’t the same band.  However, if you listened to the albums in order, you can hear the transition.  You can actually hear them change. This fascinates me about them.  And that’s what I like about Daisy.  When I first heard “At the Bottom”, the first single from this album, I thought I knew what to expect.  It had a similar sound to The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me which I was excited about because I enjoy that CD.  Then I listened to the rest of the songs on the band’s MySpace page.  I then realized that my assumptions about Daisy were wrong. With some of the songs, it was difficult to tell that it was, in fact, Brand New.  And it was sort of disappointing.  Some of them were just too strange for my taste.  But I decided to give it a fair chance.  I bought the album when it came out on September 22 and listened to it again.  And again.  Finally I realized that I do actually like it.  It just took me so long because it was far from what I expected of it.  My advice to Brand New fans, especially if you’re not feeling this album, is to listen to it a few times through.  The only thing I do have to complain about is the song “Be Gone”.  The phrase “what the hell were you thinking?” comes to mind. I’m sorry, this song is just awful.  It sounds like they were singing into an oscillating fan. However, songs I do suggest are  “Daisy”,  “At the Bottom”, “You Stole”, and “Bought A Bride”. 

I give ♫♫♫♫ to Daisy by Brand New.  It would have been 4 ½ but they lost some major points with “Be Gone”

Have a nice weekend.


2 thoughts on “.:I’m A Word That No One Ever Wants to Say:.

  1. MegaxGurls2 says:

    i agree. Thank you for typing this. This really gave me assurance 

  2. @MegaxGurls2 –  I’m glad you like the review. I hope you enjoy the CD. Like I said, I was skeptical at first, but now I can’t get enough.


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