.:This Was A Simple Design:.

I designed a logo for someone I knew from high school.  He said his fan page was growing and he needed a new one.  Guess he liked my logo… he’s actually using it. 


Just thought that was pretty cool.

Ah the things I do instead of JavaScript… 

Speaking of which, if I want to go to bed anytime soon I have to at least finish most of it soon. Then I can ask my teacher about the rest tomorrow. 

Dear Agony comes out tomorrow. ♥ Can’t wait to hear it.  I’ve been refraining from listening to it on their website because I want to wait until I buy it. 

Anyway, Xanga, I just wanted to share the logo with you and my excitement for the new Breaking Benjamin CD.  I know it seems like I’m a lot less excited than I actually am… it’s that JavaScript.






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