.:And Now You Want to Take Me Down As if I Even Care:.



Dear Jackass Who was Unnecessarily Mean To Me This Morning,

I hope you choked on your Bacon Egg and Cheese biscuit today. 

That is all.

Love, Jessi

P.S. That wasn’t orange juice, it was my piss.  (Just kidding. I wish it was though)

I have never had a customer be as rude to me as this guy was to me today.  For the sake of the story, we’ll give this fuckwad a name. We’ll call him Penny-Pincher.  I’m taking orders in the drive-thru. The guy orders a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit and a small orange juice with ice.  I tell him his total is $4.88 and to pull to the first window.  He pulls up to the window with the Face.  You know the Face?  It’s the face that you see and you just know this fool is going to give you a hard time about something. 

Me: Hello, that’s $4.88.

Penny-Pincher: That CAN’T be right.  How much is the juice?

Me: It’s about $1.95 after tax. 

Penny-Pincher: For a small?

Me: Yes.

Penny-Pincher: You can buy a carton for that price.

Me: Yes… I know.. it is a bit …

Penny-Pincher: *cutting me off* Well how much is the biscuit?

Me: I’m not sure. Let me check… *pulls out the paper with the list of prices*  …

Penny-Pincher: You don’t know? You WORK here, don’t you? Shouldn’t you KNOW this?

Me: I..

Penny-Pincher: Nevermind let’s just get this done. How much was it again?

Me: $4.88.

Penny-Pincher: *hands me a 20.  Seriously. Bitching this whole time as if he didn’t have the money and then hands me a 20* 

Me: *makes his change and gives it to him* $5.12. (Didn’t bother to tell the fucker to have a nice day because I don’t give a damn what kind of day he has)

Penny-Pincher: *grumbling as he pulls away* People fucking work here and don’t even know their shit…
(Or something equally stupid. The moral of the story is he was pulling away swearing about me for no real reason)

Seriously dude.  I don’t make up the prices.  I am aware that some of the things are too high.  I agree.  Don’t take it out on me.  Also.  Even my boss doesn’t know all the prices in his head. Because guess what? THEY CHANGE!  On top of that, my head is filled with JavaScript, HTML, song lyrics, thoughts of whether or not “he” will actually like me,  friends I want to see, things I need to do… and so forth.  Do I care what the prices of our sandwiches are, especially since we are not required to memorize them?  Hell to the no. 

And if you can “get a carton for that price” somewhere else, why don’t you do that? 

That’s one thing I don’t get about people. 

Which brings me to yesterday’s story.  We’ll give this new guy a name.  Let’s call him Mr. Impatient.  In this story, I am taking orders on front counter.  It is about 10:20 am.  Before lunch starts.  (10:30 am).

Mr. Impatient: You serving hamburgers yet?

Me: No, not for another ten minutes.

Mr. Impatient: *shakes head angrily* That’s ridiculous. 

Me: Well, we have to make the food…

Mr. Impatient:  This is why Burger King is running away with the show. 

Me: Um.. (what do I say to that?) Maybe…

Mr. Impatient: No. That’s what it is.

Okay.  Then if you can’t wait ten minutes until you can get a burger, why don’t you go to flippin Burger King.  Doesn’t matter to me!


On a positive note, I love the new Breaking Benjamin CD.  You can probably expect a review on it on Friday with the song of the week.  But trust me, Benheads.  You will love Dear Agony. It is fantastic.  Buy it. Now.

I’m going to go fret over JavaScript until bed time now.  Goodnight.




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