.:It’s Just a Melody that Bleeds in Me:.


I refuse to die before I see the following bands in concert:

[]Breaking Benjamin
[x]Lacuna Coil
[]Brand New
[]Linkin Park

Looks like I have a long way to go.  Hopefully I don’t get struck by lightning tonight, or something.

However, my life will not be complete until I meet:

[]Breaking Benjamin
[X]Lacuna Coil

That’s right… I met Lacuna Coil at their show at the House of Blues in Chicago last night!!  It had to have been the best night of my life.  I could not believe it. I shook their hands. They signed my CD.  Oh, my, gosh. 

I wish I took a picture. 

I wish I had something better to say then “hi and thank you” to them though.. I just could not believe I was actually standing there in front of them! 

They put on a really great show too.  It was sad that Marco couldn’t play because he hurt himself, but the show must go on.  The fans gave him a nice shout out from the crowd. 
And guys, Cristina is just as hot in person as she is in the pictures.  And she sounds amazing on stage. 

I had a fucking blast.  And hopefully I will see them when they’re headlining so they get to play a longer show.

Aside from that, there are some other music related things I wanted to talk about.  Daveface stumbled upon a very awesome band and was kind enough to give me the mp3s.  The band is called Poets of the Fall.  The CD I currently have, thanks to Daveface is called Carnival of Rust.  I’m addicted, I must admit. I’d really love to find out what their other albums have to offer. If it’s anything like this one, I might just have a new favorite to add to my list.  I want to hold off on that for awhile because I’d like to save up for the new Zune HD. I’m going to spring for the 32GB so I can triple my music collection and not have to worry about running out of space.  I don’t think I will fill up that space too quickly. Hopefully.  There’s only a few full CDs I want to add at the moment, and that will only take a up one gig at least. 

Anyway, I am excited about this. I think it looks really cool, and it’s a touch screen.


In competition with Apple, it is going to have Applications you can download.  There’s only about two available right now, but I’m sure Microsoft is going to add more.  While they’re at it, I hope they can make the SmartDJ feature run on the player!

Anyway, that’s my update.  Check out my song of the week tomorrow.  Although, I am currently torn. 

Poets of the Fall or Lacuna Coil?

Who will I choose for the Song of the Week?





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