.:I’m So Sick, Infected With Where I Live, Let Me Live Without This:.


Yay. My First Attempt At A Live Blog!

I spend a lot of time sitting at my desk. The very desk I am sitting at right now typing this on my laptop while I listen to music and drink (no, wait, spill) coffee.  The very desk I try to do my homework at but can’t seem to concentrate because I keep looking up to see clutter.  Clutter everywhere. It’s actually gotten to the point where it’s distracting me from my homework.  This is bad.  My desk is not the only part of my room covered in clutter. Oh no. Not by any means.  And I am getting really tired of seeing it all. When do I have time to clean?  Between work and school and all the other things that keep me busy, hardly ever. 

Today I have the day off work.  I do have a class tonight and some JavaScript homework to finish before said class.  There’s really no excuse for not having it done by now.  Since my class last week was cancelled.  I’m just not getting it.  I sit down to do this work and realize that it’s like I’m reading a foreign language.  I quickly find something else to do. Like a survey.  This is no good.

Anyway. I will edit this entry with major updates on the room cleaning and homework progress.  Just in case you were interested.  Check back every hour or so. 

If this goes well, I might do it more often.  The live-blogging, I mean.  Except about more interesting things… if I can come up with something.

12:50 PM –  Just finished my coffee and typing that long intro to this live blog.  I’m really hungry, so I think I’m going to hunt down some food and then get started.

1:20 PM – Current Song: “This is My Dream” by Lacuna Coil. It’s grocery week. Which is slang for there is no food in the house until Thursday or Friday.  At least, there’s nothing I want to eat.  I decided on some cereal. The generic version of Fruity Pebbles to be exact.  Before doing so I started my laundry so I didn’t feel like a total slacker.  I’ve changed into my epic gear and am ready to attack this boss.  I’ve made my bed which is something I do maybe once or twice a week. But I find that my room actually does look a bit cleaner after doing so.  I think the next thing I am going to do is work on is my desk.  Let’s do this! Leeeeeeeeroy….

2:00 PM – Current Song: “What Lies Beneath” by Breaking Benjamin.  I managed to get it clean!  I still need to find a place for my candle holders. I can’t light them where they are.  Open flame = bad idea.  What’s my next project?  Well there’s a shelf next to my desk where my empty fishtank resides.  My dresser could definitely use some TLC.  Or the crapton of stuff surrounding my televison could go.  I haven’t decided.  Before anything else, I am going to put my clothes in the dryer. 

3:00 PM – Current Song: “This Circus” by Chevelle. My dresser is now clutter free.  However, all the things that used to reside on my dresser are now scatter all over my bed.  This feels like an endless project.  I never realize how much useless crap I have until I decide to give my room a good cleaning.  I also never realize how much dust I am inhaling every day… I now have to find a new home for the following:
My box of candles.
My earring holder.
Emtpy CD cases.
This random rack of body lotion, spray, shower gel etc. All Lavendar. Smells nice. Takes up too much room.

I also need an awesome location to display my signed copy of Lacuna Coil’s Shallow Life.  

Gah.  I only have like two hours before I have to start getting ready for class. 

3:30 PM – Current Song: “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon. It’s coming along.  Dresser is done. Top shelf around the fishtank is done.  Floor… well it’s gonna need to be vacuumed. But whatever. I’m almost done. I still need a home for the empty CD cases.  My sister just called for a ride because she missed her bus. So looks like I get some fresh, not dusty air.  

4:00 PM – No Song. I unplugged the Zune to bring it in the car with me and haven’t plugged it back in yet. This is my final update. I picked up Angela and instructed her to take the dog out, take the trash cans back, and do her homework.  Why I have to make sure she does stuff is beyond me.  Oh yeah, she’s a high school kid.  They don’t do stuff without being told

Anyway, all the stuff that was moved to my bed has been put away. Aside from the JS book that I’m about to open.  And the Girl Scouts candy order form that I fully intend on putting in my bookbag and taking to class tonight.  All that’s left to do is throw out the garbage bags that I’ve filled with all my useless crap.  I now have a little less than an hour to work on homework before it’s time to get ready to go. 

Now that I’m done cleaning my room, I better get to work on JavaScript. Thanks for keeping up on my live blog, if you’ve been reading this whole time.  And if you’re just catching it now… I’m glad you took the time to read about my day. 

I’ll be typing back in my normal blog format from now on unless I can find something exciting to update throughout the day about. 

Catch ya’ll later.



5 thoughts on “.:I’m So Sick, Infected With Where I Live, Let Me Live Without This:.

  1. ilyssen says:

    Very good for a first blog….It was easy to visualize what you were going thru today….And, for the record, there are a lot of things I should be doing, but I am torn between them and an afternoon nap….

  2. ilyssen says:

    Thanks for reminding me, I have a basket of laundry to fold…:o)I have found that sometimes I do my best work after some really heavy cleaning…Something Zen about it I guess….Like going into the work with a fresh, clean slate…

  3. ilyssen says:

    Well done J…You deserve a break for that….I would say “Go get up and get away to…”…but I dont want to remind you of your work…

  4. ilyssen says:

    It was fun keeping up with what you were doing today…


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