.:Just Go and Leave this All Behind:.


I have been on my feet running around from 6:30 this morning until just about an hour ago.  I believe Wednesday is my most busy day as of right now.  Normally I work (but as you know my schedule is never set in stone) and have an hour or so to chill before class.  This time is generally spent doing homework or reading textbooks.  Today that time was spent driving to Blue Island with my dad to pick up my mom’s car from our mechanic. 

Lucky for me there was an exam in my class tonight.  Meaning, I was able to go home when I finished taking the test.  It took me about an hour so I was home slightly after 7.  Now that I’ve eaten and made myself a cup of hot chocolate. Make that luke-warm chocolate…

I have my paw-print jammie pants on with my bears shirt.  I am ready to relax before bedtime.  I have Worlds Collide by Apocalyptica playing from my Zune and Myspace open (for surveys to fill out of course) and a candle lit.  The only thing that is irritating me now is the basket sitting behind me filled with clothes that are still waiting to be put away.  It can wait. I’m so tired. 

I have a survey to fill out.  I know they bore you by now. I apologize.  For me, it’s a good way to chill. So suck it up.  Or just kindly wait until I post something of real interest. Which does, in fact, happen.  Sometimes.

Pick a word that starts with the first letter of you first name:
Jars. Like the name of one of Chevelle’s songs.

Is there anyone you care more about than yourself?

Whats your favorite holiday?

In the past 72 hours have you been under the influence?

When a friend walks out of your life, do you go after them or let them go?
Depends on which friend.

Do you do your own laundry?

Do you have a dog?
Aw. My Bonnie.

What are you listening to?

Been caught doing something you weren’t supposed to do?

Name the first person you can think of that you know that has a tattoo?

Whats your favorite color?
Pink and black

When was the last time you cried really hard?
A month ago or something?

Could you go out in public looking like you do now?
I’d rather not.

Summer or winter?

Last thing you ate?
some noodly thing. It was yummy. Nom.

Did you ever lose a best friend?

Who is the first girl you’d go to?
Girls aren’t my favorite.  Probably Ali or Tara

Are you Ticklish?

Do you know any mechanical stuff about cars?
Uuuuuuhh no.

Do you hate the last guy/girl you were talking to?

One thing you’re looking forward to:
Not sure

What holiday is closest to your birthday?
4th of July

Last night you felt?

How tall are you?

Did you speak to your father today?

What do you usually do right when you wake up?
Put music on

How has this week been?
Not too eventful

How did you feel when you woke up today?
Like I felt like staying in my bed. 

What time did you go to sleep last night?
Um 10:30?

Are you too forgiving?

Do you think your last ex deserves to die?

What is the last thing you bought?

What are your plans for the weekend?
Work. All weekend. For the fail. 

Do you think that someone is thinking about you right now?
I wish.

Who did you last talk to in person?
My mutha.  

Where were you last night?
Class then home.

What is today’s date?
Oct 14

How do you make your money?
Oh I’m a stripper.  

What color are your eyes?
They are like grayish blue. Or something like that.

How many vowels do you have in your last name?

Beach or pool?
I don’t care, really.

Something that made you laugh really hard today?
Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom

Are you afraid to stay home all alone?
Nope. I’m hardly home anyway.

Whats your mood right now?

What were you doing at 2:30 this afternoon?
I was being thrown back on register even though I told Ryan that talking to customers was putting me in a bad mood.  Thanks Ryan.

Who is the person that gives you really good advice?
Ali and Daveface

What woke you up this morning?
My alarm

Do you wear a retainer?

Cheetah or zebra bra?
Meh. Neither.

If you had to get a tattoo where would you get it?
I want the Breaking Benjamin logo on my left wrist or forearm, that much I know. Also Ed and Al’s symbol from Fullmetal Alchemist right where their teacher has it (so like on my left side by the collar). Not sure about my L from Deathnote tat and my Lacuna Coil logo yet. 

If you had to dye your hair a color what color would it be?

Did you go outside for more than 30 minutes today?

Do you understand football?
Not really

When was the last time a member of the opposite sex hugged you?
Don’t remember 

Can you go a day without music?
O.O Blasphemy.

Have you ever gone camping?

Are you wearing a ring?
Not at them moment

Is your hair naturally straight?
Somewhat. I straighten it anyway so it looks better.

Were you single on your last birthday?
I was. Thanks for reminding me.

That survey reminded me that I wanted to do a post about my future tattoos.

So here’s what I’ve kinda got figured out.

Breaking Benjamin logo:


It probably will be in that location too but definitely smaller.  Most jobs won’t like to see that, I’m sure.  I want something cute and easier to cover.  So it probably will be a bit farther from the wrist as well.

The FMA symbol:


I wish I knew what it was called.  But it is the symbol that Ed and Al wear and it is the symbol of their teacher as well.  She has it tattooed by her collar.  I want it in the same spot.  And it will be red like hers too.

The Lacuna Coil logo:


I have no idea where I am puttin that yet.  I was thinking maybe my shoulder or something.  It is not going to look like that either… I couldn’t really find the exact one I want.  Mine will be redish orange and won’t have all that background stuff.  It will be significantly smaller too. 

The “L”:


It will probably be on my ankle or something.  I haven’t really decided for sure yet.  It’s the symbol for “L” from Deathnote.  I haven’t finished watching the series yet, but I took an immediate liking to L from the first episode he was in. 

And those are my future tats. 

Well, it is about 9:00.  And I think I am going to watch some TV until I decide to fall asleep.


♥Jessi Michelle


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