.:Let Me Belong Here, Break My Fall:.

Here’s some random updates. 

On neighbors.

Yesterday after I was released from my JavaScript class and I called my mom so I can talk to her for a bit on the drive home.  Suddenly she tells me that an ambulance pulled up to our street.  They stopped at our next-door-neighbors’ house, Bob and Maureen.  These are the neighbors we do like.  I guess Maureen was having stomach problems.  But she is okay now. 
Now, for the neighbors we don’t like. On the other side of us.  They have two driveways.  Two. So, why, just tell me why, when they have company, they park in MY spot????  Seriously? Someone is getting their car keyed soon if they don’t move their ass.  Probably doesn’t seem like a big deal to you.  But I just got home from class. I want to change into my jammies and chill before bed.  But now I can’t.  Because I had to park in the driveway instead of my spot on the street. So now I am blocking my dad, who will need to leave for work later.  So therefore, I have to wait so I can move for him.  All because some inconsiderate fuckwads can’t tell their damn guests that it’s okay to park in one of their TWO fucking driveways rather than their neighbor’s spot.  It happens a lot, on top of all the other problems the hooligans that live there cause. 

On classes.

I started to fall behind a little, but I think I’ve caught up now.  JavaScript is still kind of a pain in the ass. But the teacher changed our assignments and now it’s a bit easier. I’m glad. Because otherwise, I’d still be stuck.  Database Design is going well for me. I missed an assignment because of the Lacuna Coil concert, but the teacher just assigned extra credit, so that will help. 

Not that anyone cares about that. Moving on.


I had a blast at the last Wheel of Time session.  Spunk texted me telling me that he’s going to give my character the option of becoming a wolf brother. He was telling me about this, and it sounds bad ass so I dig it.  I can’t use it yet, but he said he’ll start working it into the story.  I’m really getting into the story.  I might even read the series to become more familiar with what’s happening in game.

It will be awhile before I get to that. Which brings me to…

On reading.

I am currently reading a book that “Buelah” suggested called The Girls. It is a story about conjoined twins.  It sounded really good when she told me about it.  I checked it out awhile ago.  It’s due in only 5 more days and I haven’t gotten very far. I’ve been busy with work, schook, RP, TACS, homework, and whatever else.  I’ll have tons of free time tomorrow.  Hopefully I won’t take forever to clean my room and I’ll have time to read.  I also checked out a book called Top 8.  It’s based on a Myspace-like internet site.  A teenage girl goes on vacation and comes back to find that her profile has been hacked. Really the only reason why I checked it out is because at the beginning of each chapter it has the “current song” thing that blogs have and such… and one of the songs was “The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows” by Brand New, I noticed as I was flipping through it.  Since Brand New is hardly ever mentioned by anyone, I was excited.  I probably won’t even get to read that, the way things are going.  I don’t like to renew books.

On writing.

The Volumancer background story is coming along.  There’s only a few things I’m still trying to decide on, but it’s getting there.  Daveface had this cool idea of building a Talent Tree (WoW reference there) for the character.  When I finish the story, I want to check that out. 

On music. ♥

So here’s the best part of the post, at least in my opinion.  I have four tickets to Breaking Benjamin!!!!  It doesn’t really require any more explaination than that, I don’t think. 

On surveys.

Thought you could get away from these things?  Haha.  I posted it last though, so you can choose to skip over it and go straight to my farewell if they bore you.

Would you ever want to serve in iraq?
Not really

Do you watch true life? if so, what’s your favorite episode?
Once in awhile. I really liked “I support my family” or whatever. That girl named Unique who had to take care of her siblings after her mother’s suicide.  Very good one. 

Have you ever heard of Sufjan Stevens?

Do you own a pair of blue converse?

Do you eat cinnamon waffles a lot?
No. I like waffles. I’m a strawberry or blueberry fan though. 

When did you last go to outback steakhouse?
God, forever ago.

Do you love penguins or what?
They’re okay.

What is your middle name?

Do you know anyone with a really weird name? if so, what is it?
Ummm.. no I don’t think I do.

Are the majority of the hangers in your closet plastic or metal?
Um. Metal? I think… I don’t remember.

Where do you keep all of your jewelry?
In my jewelry box

If you could play any instrument, which would it be?

Do you hope that tomorrow’s like today?
Not really.

Do you thrive on confrontation?

Isn’t it annoying when girls are constantly hitting on your boyfriend?

Ever tried halls fruit breezers?
I think so.

Is your mom into photography?

Ever watched an episode of Lost?

Do crime shows scare you?
Not really.

What is the weirdest question you’ve ever been asked?
I don’t know

Would you rather your lover have no hair at all or be a sasquatch below the waist?
Um.  I believe this question is the answer to the above one.  And I have no earthly idea how to answer it. 

Did you know that it’s really offensive when you say “that’s so gay” about something that you don’t like?
Apparently.  I don’t think it’s offensive, even if I was gay. But whatever.

Is Joel Madden attractive?
Oh snap. I used to love the Madden twins. Yeah Joel is hot but Benji is hotter. 

Have you ever heard a song mash-up? Did you like it?
Yeah. I’m subscribed to someone on here actually, who does that. Some of them are really cool.

If you had to choose between being a garden gnome or a gargoyle, which would you be?
gargoyle. No questions.

Do you know the original Hunchback of Notre Dame story?
Yes.  And that is also my favorite Disney movie, which has nothing to do with it anyway.

Do you actually read the featured blogs on Xanga?
Ha. I took this survey from Myspace. I love that it mentions Xanga.  And yes, I do. Some of them.

Do you care to share your thoughts on Twitter?
I don’t use Twitter.

Have you ever gone walking around looking for flowers?

How was the last party you went to?
It was cool

Do you ever babysit? Are the kids wild?
I did.  I never had wild kids, thankfully.

Have you seen the movie, Forgetting Sarah Marshall? Did you like it?
Haven’t seen it

Whats the last thing you spent money on?

Have you ever caught a tadpole?
Once, a long time ago?

Do you know the difference between a joint and a blunt?
There’s a difference?

What kind of dog would you get if you could choose any breed?
Border Collie! (don’t tell my Bonnie)

Would you ever move to a different country then your own?
Sure why not.

Have you ever made a music playlist?
Oh… yes.

Do you do it for the hood?
Um…. … what?

What does most of your money go towards?
Muuuusic. Or food.

Do you like to decorate?

What are your bedroom colors?
green and white.  

Have you ever done anything sexual in exchange for something?

How long is your longest relationship?
*Was*  3 years.

Can you name all the people you’ve been with?
“Been with”  Do you mean sex?  If so, just one.  And no, I will NOT name him.

How often do you listen to rap?

Yup. I think I’m done for tonight.  It’s already Wednesday and I have no thoughts on a song for Friday.  If no one comes up with one, it will probably be some random Breaking Benjamin song that I decide on. I’ve been listening to my entire collection of their songs on shuffle non-stop since I found out about the concert.  Anyway. Leave comments, suggest a song.  Other than that, enjoy the rest of your week.

♥Jessi Michelle


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