.:Somewhere There My Fate Revealed, I Hear But How Will I See:.

I hate driving alone at night.  I don’t know what it is about it.  I think it’s the feeling of loneliness making itself known.

I mean, I’m perfectly aware that I am alone, as in there is no one else in the car with me.  But it then dawns on me that I am, in fact, alone in a deeper sense of the word.  And that is something I’ve always struggled with.  I hate being alone and from time to time I actually fear that I will end up with no one. 

Why I get that feeling in a car at night, I don’t know.  I’m perfectly capable of being alone during the day so it’s a mystery to me.  Maybe the nightfall makes it all the more scary?  I don’t know. 

In some cases I will call someone, anyone really, to take my mind off it.  But most of the time I find myself at a loss for who to call at midnight.  My only escape from my own thoughts is music.  I never realized how soothing Nightwish is at high volume in the car in the middle of the night until last night.  I was trying to decide on something to listen to when the beginning of “The Siren” caught my ear.  I don’t listen to Nightwish all that much. The only CD by them that I own is Once, which I find to be brilliant.  I decided to leave it on.  I’m not sure what it was about that song that calmed me, but it definitely made the drive home less lonely.  Now, it is a bit odd even for them, but it is a song that I think I’ve underestimated.  So I choose “The Siren” as my song this week.

Song of the Week

A lady with a violin,
Playing to the seas
Hearken to the sound of calling

Who tied my hands to the wheel?
The Zodiac turns over me!
Come to me…
Somewhere there my fate revealed…
I hear but how will I see?

I tied myself to the wheel
The winds talk to my sails, not me
Come to me…
Somewhere there my fate revealed…
I hear but how will I see?

My favorite song by Nightwish is easily “Ghost Love Score” but I assume my readers didn’t want to listen to a ten minute song.

Well, I don’t think I had anything else I wanted to talk about.  Time for a survey!

How did you meet the last person you were in a car with?

Are you in a relationship?
Sadly, no

What kind of jacket did you last wear?
My black winter coat.

So, what did you do today?
Worked, watched TV, ate dinner, blogged.  Such a party animal!

How did you get your last bruise?

Who did you last talk to on an instant messenger?
Ali?  Yeah.  She set her away message to lyrics to “Breath” by Breaking Benjamin so I IMed her telling her that I loved her for posting that.

What color is your underwear?

Are you old enough to buy alcohol?

Do you celebrate Christmas?
I do.

What did you last watch on t.v.?

Where do you work?
McD’s, yo. 

Are you wearing make up right now?

Do you have a Zune?
Yes! ♥

Cats or dogs?
dogs .

Have you ever had a pet hamster?
Nope, Guinea pigs all the way.

How about a goldfish?

Have you ever been to Europe?

What’s the last thing you printed out?
Uhhh… my Visio model for class.

Does anyone on your Myspace top friends live in an apartment?

Do most of your close friends live within the area or far away?
They live in the area.

What are some words [if any] can you make using only the letters from your last name?
sad, lad, lads, red, salad… um hold on this is fun can I think of more?  lead, sled, Dale?  Haha wow. I can make a lot of words.

Is the thing you’re sitting on hard or soft?

Who was the last person to use a pickup line on you?
Um. Like no one.

When it comes to you and your best friend, does the phrase “opposites attract” apply?
Not really/

Have you ever thought that a movie was better than the book version?
Not that I can think of.

Have you ever disliked someone without any valid reason?

Does a male or female sing the last song you listened to?
Both! The singer is a girl, but there’s a guy singing too.

Do you keep a journal/diary you actually write in?
Used to.

Do you often Photoshop your pictures before posting them for the public?
Most of the time.  I like to make it look cool.

Have you ever gone swimming at the beach before?

Who was the last person of the same sex you hung out with?
laaaa , i dont even know .

Who was the last person of the opposite sex you hung out with?
Dan, Daveface, and Jake.

What’s the most you’ve ever spent on a pair of jeans?
I dunno like 20 dolla.  I once bought a pair of pants for 40 but they weren’t jeans.

When was the last time you bought groceries?
Neva. My mommeh buys them.

Where do you go to for your groceries?
She goes to Aldi and Walmart.

Last store you last bought clothes from?
….  I cannot remember for the life of me.

What’s the name of the last mall you went to?
Chicago Ridge?

How many people can you honestly say you’ve fell in love with?

Do you know someone who falls for people too easily?

Have you ever experienced an earthquake?
Not that I can think of. 

Is the area you live in prone to wildfires?
I don’t think so?

How many tabs are in the window you’re currently in?

Do you remember the date of your first ever real kiss?

If you couldn’t have kids/have a hard time conceiving, would you use fertility drugs or adopt?
I don’t know.

From whom was the last call you missed?

Does anyone on your Myspace top friends have their top friends randomized?

What was the last language you spoke in that wasn’t English?
I don’t speak other languages…

How old were you when you started swearing?
I don’t know. 14?

What store did you buy your first ever computer from?
Best Buy

Do you know someone who is part of Geek Squad [from Best Buy]?
No, not personally.

Have you ever been directly mean to someone’s face?
My sister, all the time. But that’s my job. 

What color theme was the last wedding you attended?
The last wedding I attended was yeeeeears ago. And it was Renaissance themed.

What was the last clothing article you had tailored?
Um? My prom dress? I don’t know.

Are you currently wearing pajamas or street clothes?
I’s wearin jammie pants. 

How many chimneys does your house have?

I guess that’s all for tonight.  Don’t forget to write love on your arms next Friday!!

♥Jessi Michelle


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