.:So Draw or Throw and I Will Explode:.


I constantly read posts here on Xanga regarding racism issues.  After awhile it gets kind of old.  But today, after being accused of being racist, I got to thinking. 

I was at work today. We’re required to run a counterfeit pen over all bills, excluding singles.  Sometimes, we forget. Sometimes we’re in a hurry and don’t care.  But for whatever reason, we don’t always mark all bills like we’re supposed to.  Well, I took a man’s order, took his money, made change, asked him to step aside and wait for his order, etc.  Then I took the next order. I remember nothing about any of the orders I took after that. Male or female, white, black, or mexican.  Whatever. I thought nothing of it.  The first man took the shift manager (who is Mexican) aside and spoke to her about something in spanish.  After all orders were gone, she came up to me and told me what he said to her.  That I marked his money, but didn’t mark the next person’s money and that was racist of me.   So I guess he thought I was assuming that he, being Mexican, would be passing out fake bills.  To be perfectly honest, I was trying to get all the customers out quickly because that is my job.  I marked some bills, I didn’t mark others.  My pen was dry so it was kind of a pain in the ass to mark every single one.  The race of the customers was the farthest thing from my mind.

He pointed all this out in spanish so that I couldn’t figure out was he was saying… and I’m the racist one? But whatever. I’ll overlook that bit.

In my opinion, stupid people in general are making racism out to be a much bigger issue than it actually is.  I mean think about it.  How many establishments actually treat others differently because of race?  Even if they wanted to, they couldn’t without facing some sort of lawsuit.  The way I see it is this:  if you’re one of those people who is paranoid about racism (i.e. that douchebag I described earlier) then you are just as much of racist prick as an actual racist person.  So, if you’ve ever made an assumption like that idiot did, or have ever used the phrase “it’s because I’m black”, you are a racist in my eyes. 

And then there’s the people who will read this and think I’m racist for posting this.  If I’m a racist for posting a blog about stupid people are (white, black, mexican, purple) in general. Then fine.  Be stupid, and call me a racist.  Because I know what I am. And I know what I’m not.  And I am certainly not racist. 

On a (somewhat) related note, what do you all think of Obama’s idea of renaming the Christmas tree to the “holiday tree”?  I’m indifferent to Obama, really.  I don’t think he’s special, but I don’t hate him either.  But I don’t agree with this idea at all.  What exactly would be the point of that?  This is America. As of 2007, 78% of the population are Christians and therefore celebrate Christmas.  Christmas trees are a Christmas tradition.  They are not a tradition recognized by any other religion’s holiday.  Get it?  Only those who celebrate Christmas put a tree up.  (Aside from the Hannukah bush… not exactly the same though) A holiday tree wouldn’t make sense, unless those of another religion want to change their traditions.  Here’s another reason why I don’t agree:  why don’t we focus on some more important issues in the country?

Well, that’s my first and probably only contraversial post. I don’t feel like reading dumbasses bitch about why I’m wrong and yadayada. So I’m disabling comments, suckas. 

Have a good night.

♥Jessi Michelle