.:Get Up, Get Up. Love is Moving You Now:.



My intention was to share my story.  But to be perfectly honest, my personal experience with cutting is something I have a hard time talking about.  Many of my friends and family know this is something I used to struggle with, but I’ve only actually discussed with very few people. 

What I can tell you is this…

In my opinion, it never truly goes away.  And that’s probably one of the hardest parts of it.  You can stop hurting yourself.  You can be “clean” for years.  But, there will be days that it will cross your mind.  The last time I hurt myself was well over a year ago, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought about it, or even considered it.  The wonderful thing about this movement is to know you’re not alone.  That there are people who struggle with the same thing and there are people who have recovered.  Yes, you might still think about it.  But the most empowering feeling is being strong enough to not act on it. 

For all the people who wrote love on their arm today, I personally thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The song of the week was going to be “Scars” by Papa Roach.  I kind of thought it’d be appropriate.  But my buddy, Brad told me about this song and I think it’s a much better choice for today.  “Love is the Movement” by Switchfoot

The Song of the Week

A day in LA
And millions of faces
Are looking for movement
‘Cause everything’s stuck
And everything’s frozen
And everyone’s broken
And nobody moves
And everyone’s scared
That the motion will never come

This is the incompletion
Stuck in a line

Love is the movement
Love is a revolution
This is redemption
We don’t have to slow back down

The stars are alive
They dance to the music
And all of the world
Is singing in time
As the heavens are caving in
Mysterious ways
Why God gave his life
To put motion inside my soul

It’s bigger than cold religion
It’s bigger than life

We’re starting now
We don’t have to slow back down

This is a revolution

Get up, get up
Love is moving you now

It’s not too late to spread the word about “To Write Love on Her Arms”.  Keep raising awareness. Rec this post or share it.  Just pass it on.

“Stop the bleeding. Rescue is possible. Love is the movement.”

♥Jessi Michelle



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