.:Show Me Where It Hurts and I Will Make it Worse:.


I switched shifts with one of my co-workers because she wants to go out of town Thursday night and needed someone to cover for shift on Friday.  So I ended up having today off.  I thought this was great. I can get up at 9:30, clean my room, finish my JavaScript, study for my Database Design test, do laundry, all before class tonight.

Fail. I didn’t wake up until about 12:30 in the afternoon.  I then remembered that the teacher said today’s class would be an optional open lab.  I am not a big fan of staying through lab time so, unless I need the help, I go home after lecture.  So I can get stuff done today after all.

I later found out that open lab is cancelled. So now I don’t even have to feel guilty about not going, haha.

So I put together a playlist consisting of all my favorite albums by my favorite bands.  Shuffle. 

Things to do today:

[ ]Make bed
[ ]Clean desk… again
[ ]Clean dresser… again!
[ ]Clean top of the plastic drawer thingy.
[ ]Put away clothes
[ ]Finish up and submit JavaScript
[ ]Study for Database Design test for tomorrow.
[ ]Read “The Girls” if there’s time

Ugh. That’s a lot.  Better get back to work. 


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