.:I’d Still Pick My Friends Over You:.


It’s been a very busy week, which is why you haven’t seen any songs posted twice in a row.   My apologies. 

Hopefully, it won’t be happening again.  Let me recap and update about the week, because it was pretty much was awesome. 

Last Friday I took a co-worker’s shift so she could go out of town. So I worked until 1pm.  I picked up Tara and we went to the comic store by my house in hopes of finding a set of dice I could use for gaming.  Tara found tons of comics.  They did not have dice yet though.  We then picked up J-rag the gangsta and met up with Ali and Miss Lizzy at the movie theater to see New Moon.  It was kind of disappointing, I won’t lie.  But maybe there will be more on that later.  After the movie we went to Spunk’s to hang out.  We stayed there for a bit and just hung out and then went home.  I worked Saturday.  Then Miss Lizzy and I went back over to Spunk’s for movie night with him and Ken.  We partially-watched Taken and Euro Trip with a few drinks and some cookies.  Which I already mentioned.  Sunday was a relaxing day at home until the Bear’s game started.  I then went over to Miss Lizzy’s to watch it there with Ross, Dan, and Ali.  I don’t really watch the games, my dad tells me what happened later.  But it was cool to watch it with some friends. 

Monday was another day of work, followed by bowling with a bunch of people.  Liz and I used to bowl every other Monday over the summer so we got some people together to do it while she was home. I stayed out later than I planned to, but it was good times.  Tuesday was pretty uneventful. Work. School. You know. 

I worked again on Wednesday, then it was time to celebrate Black Wednesday with my friends.  We went to Durbin’s.  Dan and Spunk wanted to try and out-drink each other.  We all had a good time. 

(From left: Miss Lizzy, Sir Daniel, Rossipoo, Aligator, Spunk, me)

I got home at 3:30am and had to be up again at 6:30 for Turkey Bowl with my co-workers.  It was another fun time.  I like hanging out with them outside of work. 

(Judy and Tara)

Later it was time to go to dinner at my grandma’s.  I always miss my cousins.  I wish I could see them more.  But chilling with them was a lot of fun. 

Yesterday I went shopping with Liz, Dan, and Ross.  We didn’t get up early or anything.   I got a purse for my mom 50% off, which was cool.  I also found myself new shoes on a whim because Bonnie peed on my old ones.  And I finally picked up a set of dice for game. They’re very pretty.  All blue and purpley.   It was a productive day.   Later on I hung out with Kelsey. We got a bite to eat and watched a movie.

Today was kind of lame.  I wanted to go climbing with some of my friends today but they were leaving at noon, and I had to work until 3.  I napped until dinner when I got home.  I am now sitting down, watching “Jingle all the Way” with my parents and I will probably continue reading Eye of the World when it’s over before I go to bed.

Anyway, I think I bored you enough with all that.   I’m gonna get back to the movie. 

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

♥Jessi Michelle


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