.:I Am a Shadow on the Wall:.


Finals are officially over.  I can finally find some more time to read Wheel of Time. Anyway,  you know I’m here to talk about the Breaking Benjamin concert.  ♥

Well. Let me start with a small rant about concerts and people…  because the rest is going to be fill with pure awesomeness.


Why is it that no one at concerts has any concern for short people?  Like, at all.  Seriously.  I mean, I know a lot of people go to shows to mosh and rock out and all.  That’s cool.  I used to wish I had the strength to hold my own in that sort of setting.  I don’t care very much about that anymore, since I go to concerts to see the band and to soak in the music.  And there are plenty of others like me.  People who either don’t care to mosh, cannot do it without getting squished, or people who just want to be close to the artists.  Why is it necessary to be a complete douchebag when you see a short little girl trying to push her way to the front?  Go ahead and mosh all you want.  The problem here is, while you’re doing that, I can’t see over you. Whereas it wouldn’t kill you to let me in front of you because you can easily see over me.  I was so close to the front before I ran into that fuckhead.  Then I was basically stuck, squished between rowdy jackasses.  I constantly have this problem at concerts.


Anyway.  Time for the story.

I went to the concert with Tara, Daveface, and Amanda. And I hope they had fun.  I ended up getting seperated from them during the first performance, but it’s cool. 

The first band that played was Janus, a local band who is definitely starting to get more attention now.  And they deserve it.  Up until that night, I’ve only heard their song “Eyesore” once.  But they rocked. It was the first time I’ve been introduced to a band I didn’t know at a concert and ended up really liking them.  Janus, you gained a new fan that night.  I had a good spot during that show.  It didn’t get rowdy yet and I was pretty much in the center, a few rows from the stage.  I had a good time. 

Sick Puppies came on next.  I’ve only heard two songs from them.  “My World” and one other that I can’t remember the name of.  I really like “My World” but otherwise, I’m not very big on them. They played a decent show and all, but it was then the crowd got wild and I spent a majority of their set trying to find a good spot where I wouldn’t get trampled on.  I finally shoved my way out of the crowd in frustration and stood off to the right side, kind of towards the back.  I had a good view, but I was kind of pissed off. 

After they were done, the crowd seperated to get drinks or whatever.  I noticed a small spot by a group of people by the railing seperating the crowd from the gap where the security gaurds stand in front of the stage.  I decided I no longer cared about anyone there but myself so I invited myself to that spot that may or may not have been taken by someone from that group of people standing by it. It was right in front, near the stage, off to the right.  I basically figured that how far off to the side I was didn’t matter because the guys were going to move around a lot. 

Finally the moment I was waiting for… the guys came on the stage.  They opened with “I Will Not Bow” as I kind of figured they would.  They also played, not in this order, “Until the End”, “Had Enough”, “Polyamorous”, “So Cold”, “Sooner or Later”, “Into the Nothing”, “Fade Away”, “Breath”, and “Diary of Jane”.  I, of course, went crazy when they played “Breath.”  They also did a cover of “Dream On” by Aerosmith, which made me especially happy.  Aerosmith was one of the bands I grew up listening to because of my parents, and “Dream On” is my favorite song.  And then, I was also surprised to hear them play “Blow Me Away”.  This was my first time seeing Breaking Benjamin, and I don’t know if it’s typical for them to play it.  But it’s a song that isn’t on any of the CDs.  It was cool anyway.  It’s a great song.  The only thing I found disappointing was that they ended with “Diary of Jane”.  It’s not that I don’t like that song, it’s just not one of their best and I think they should have ended with something else from the new album.  But it’s all good.  Overall, I was happy with the spot I finally found even though it was so close to the speaker that my ears were ringing the next day.  I swear that I made eye contact with Ben.  He probably will never remember me, which is fine. I still say I’m positive that he at least saw me. 

Anyway.  It was an awesome show and an awesome night. 

To the guys of Breaking Benjamin, you took the breath right out of me.


♥Jessi Michelle


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