.:The Red, it Filters Through:.

On Saturday, me and a few friends and co-workers went to see Pat and Griffin play a show.  I haven’t seen them play yet, so I was excited. 
I had a really awesome time.  What I really like about them was that they’re what I decided to call a “music lover’s band”.  All the members of the band have their own favorites (along with similar favorites) from all sorts of genres.  But together as a band, they made all the songs their own.  Which is awesome for people like me, who listen to anything and everything.

They rocked, and I definitely want to see them again sometime.  You should check them out too:

Tryst’s MySpace

Monday was bowling night. I discovered that I suck so bad at bowling, that I injured myself by casual playing… kind of.  I don’t think my fingers fit the holes right (minds outta the gutter please) so whenever I released the ball it kept bending my middle finger back.  It’s kind of swollen and it hurts a decent amount.  Other than that, it’s always a fun time. I’m not much of a bowling fan, but I love hanging out with my friends, having a drink or two, and just goofing around.  They play music videos too, so we’re always dancing and singing and having a good time.  Too bad everyone’s going back to school next week, so we won’t be doing that for awhile. 

This week has been going by so slow aside from that.  I’ve been waiting for my work week to be over.  I still have to survive tomorrow.  Then I get to hang out with my nerds.  Hopefully we’ll have a movie night or something since I can actually stay out.
Friday will be a good day.  I’m spending the afternoon with Ali.  She’s a doll and I didn’t really get to hang out with her much while she was on her break.  It’ll be nice to get to chill and talk with her. 
Later on in the evening Tararara, Breanna Banana, and I will be going to the place where Tara got her tattoo she can get it touched up.  Meanwhile, I’m finally getting my tragus piercing. 

So that’s my exciting life right now, haha.

Here’s one of these things again.  I put it at the end so you can ignore it, because I’m sure I’m boring ya’ll with these.

Be honest; name of the last person to text you?

Last year this time, what was your relationship status?

What does the 1st message in your inbox say?
Text? It’s a Facebook status update from Rossipoo.

Whats making you mad at the moment?
Nothing really

How many radio stations do you listen to?
Pretty much just q101.

When was the last time you were in a car with someone besides family?
Saturday I think

Have you told anybody you loved them today?

Do you want to see somebody right now?

Think back to the last person you held hands with, would you kiss them?

Have you ever slept in the same bed as the opposite sex?

Have you kissed the last person you texted?

Do you think someone is thinking about you right now?
Doubt it.

Name one person you wish you could fix things with, and why havent you?
There’s no one really

How have you felt today?

Are you nice to the people you dislike?

Was this summer a good one?
Yeah, it was pretty good

Would you rather get a new puppy or a new car?
I like my car. And I like my puppy… I dunno.

You receive $50 without any reason, what do you spend it on?

Where did you get the pants you are wearing from?
Cannot remember

Are you happy with life at the moment?
Could be better

Have you had any beer this week?
No, I hate beer.

Are you a jealous person?
I can be.

Do you believe that your first love can be your only love in life?
No. I would be screwed if I did.

Would you ever dye your hair black?
I did before, for Halloween. It was temporary. 

Have you ever received a call that made you cry?

How many times have you cried this week?
Nada, I do believe

Do you like to cuddle?

Would you consider your parents to be strict?
Yeah, when I was younger

Who do you feel most comfortable talking to about your feelings?
There’s a couple people

What are your plans for tonight?
Finish this, get something to eat, watch Real World, go to bed. 

This time last year can you remember who you liked?
I am pretty sure it’s the same person I like now… Maybe?

Is the last person you kissed older than you?

Who out of your top friends have seen you cry?
Um.  A few, actually.  But I hate crying in front of people

What color shirt are you wearing?

When you sleep on your bed, is stuff usually on it?
No, I hate that

What do you currently hear right now?
My sister talking and “Awake and Alive” by Skillet

What are you planning on doing after this?

Are you gonna be home tonight?
Yup. In my bed.

Is your room messy or clean?
Oh my gosh, messy.  I cannot keep it clean.

When was the last time you had a real smile on your face?
Pretty much any time I am with my friends

Do you tell your best friend EVERYTHING?
Yeah pretty much

Do you think anyone has feelings for you?
I really doubt it.

Is it easy to make you smile?

Do you know anyone who doesn’t smoke pot?
Um, yes.

Did your last kiss take place on a bed?

Are you someone’s best friend?

Have you kissed anyone whose name starts with a Z?
I don’t think I know anyone who’s name starts with a Z.  Not personally anyway. 

Alright that’s it.  Goodnight.
♥Jessi Michelle

2 thoughts on “.:The Red, it Filters Through:.

  1. Tebor says:

    Nice gutter pun! Keep the surveys coming. At the moment it’s all I post on FB.

  2. @Tebor – Hahahaha I didn’t even think of that. Gutter, bowling… nice.  I’ll definitely keep the surveys coming.  I have no life lol


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