.:Let’s Have Some Fun, This Beat is Sick:.

What makes a song so wonderful?  I mean, what is it about your favorite song that pleases your ear so much?  Or any song, for that matter? 

Why do I have so much music on my Zune?  What is it about all 1,370 songs in my collection that stands out to me? 

I can’t really say. 

Maybe it’s the poetic lyrics of some artists.  Or the catchy beat of another. 

For instance, I love Lacuna Coil for the harmony of the two singers and how beautifully it blends with their metal sound.  I love Breaking Benjamin for the way their instruments sound with Ben’s voice. I love Brand New for their abstract lyrics and unusual sound.  I love Lady Gaga for her catchy songs and strange lyrics.  I love Taylor Swift for her relatable songs and her fun sound.  I love Poets of the Fall because of the singer’s theatrical voice and their poetic lyrics.  I love Chevelle for their rock sound and Disturbed for David’s voice.  I love Three Days Grace because they sound bad ass but they sing a surprising amount of love songs.  I love Linkin Park for their diversity in sound. 

I love several other artists for countless reasons.

What speaks to you?

♥Jessi Michelle


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