.:These are My Thoughts Written Down on Paper:.

I am going to blog about my day starting now.   I’ve been sitting on Pogo, Facebook, and Xanga for about five hours now and I would like to actually ACCOMPLISH something now! 

3:00PM (Current Song: Overburdened by Disturbed) – I was going to sit around until my grandma called but I feel like a total loser.  I’m going to run errands now.  I have to go to the bank.  Then I think I am going to go across the street to the CVS.  I need to buy:
[ ]Post-notes
[ ]More mechanical pencils.  Where do mine keep going??
[ ]Orbit Strawberry-Mint gum. Mmm..
[ ]Bacitracin (actually, I don’t need to buy this yet. I need to see if they have it though in case I run out before it’s time to change my tragus ring)
If my grandma calls before I get home, I’ll just go there.  If not, I’ll come back home and put my clothes away and make my bed.  If my room doesn’t look much cleaner, I guess I’ll have to work on that since I vowed to do that anyway. 

I’m gonna go now.

3:45PM (Current Song: The Way I Loved You by Taylor Swift) – I am back. I got everything I needed plus those nifty rolling ball pens and some shampoo and conditioner.  I didn’t see any Bacitracin.  I’m not sure where to go if I run out because it’s the only thing I’m allowed to put on the tragus, according to my piercer. 

I haven’t eaten at all today. I’m really hungry. I think before I do anything else I want to heat up some pizza rolls or something.  It’s gonna be hard to get anything done now though.  My sister is home and I’ll probably have to fight with her to get her to do anything she is supposed to be doing. 
Oh well.  I can try anyway.

5:40PM (Current Song: None) – I didn’t make any pizza rolls because my grandma called before I got the chance.  I went over there and waited with her for this guy to come to check out her carpet.  She found brown stains on it and is worried it could be mold or something.  We still don’t what it is but she was instructed to clean it and see if it comes back.  Now dinner should be done in about a half an hour, so I am just gonna have to wait until it’s ready to eat.  Or maybe I’ll have a salad while I wait.  I have this “Tomato and Bacon” salad dressing… amazing.  Whoever thought of the bacon and tomato combo is seriously a genius.  I’m going to write to Jessamine’s story after dinner and maybe even a little before.  I don’t think this room is getting cleaned tonight, but whatever.  I’ll just do what I always do and wait until it starts really bugging me before I do anything about it.  Which might be relatively soon. 

6:32PM(Current Song: None) – Dinner was yummy but I’m not full yet.  I’m using my new teapot to make hot chocolate.  It’s mint flavored.  While I wait for the water, I’m going to write. 

7:01PM(Current Song: Last Hope by Apocalyptica) –  This hot chocolate is delicious.  I’m trying to add more to Jessa’s story but so far my mind is blank.  I’ve decided to write bits and pieces of her story instead of one whole story.  But I can’t really think of what to write next.  Most of what I want to write is kind of based on Jaska’s story. (Daveface’s Volumancer)  I’m thinking I might give up for tonight and wait until I read some of Jaska’s information.  I can log on to Pogo or watch a movie or something instead.  A side note, Angela just came in my room to attempt to make me lose the game.  Good thing I’m in a perpetual state of loss.  Actually for some reason, I know when she’s going to say the game, so I lose before she says it. Therefore I can beat her to the punch.  Which is exactly what I just did. 
Anyway, if there’s nothing on TV I’ll watch something.  I really feel like eating popcorn too. 
8:01PM(Current Song: None) – I ended up going to the nearest dollar store with my mom and sister.  I got a body pillow since I’ve been meaning to get one.  I had to throw my old one out because I had bed bugs.  This one is fluffy and comfy anyway so I like it.  I also got a bathrobe. I don’t like the color but the design is pretty.  Hey, it was five dollars. I won’t argue with that price.  Now that I’m back I’m gonna check on the TV/movie situation. 

8:30PM(Current Song: None) – I decided to watch “Howl’s Moving Castle.”  I haven’t watched it since the first time I’ve seen it even though I got the DVD for Christmas.  We were going to watch it on New Year’s Eve.  Well, they did.  I passed out drunk as soon as it was turned on.  I’ll get back to ya’ll when the movie is over.

10:35PM(Current Song: The end credits on “Howl’s Moving Castle”) – I love that movie.  It’s like a piece of art. 
Now that it’s over, I’m going to bed.

Well now you’ve read what a boring life I lead. 

Maybe I’ll keep doing the liveblog thing, since it is rather fun.  I just have to find something that’s actually worth blogging about.

But I am off to bed now, goodnight.

♥Jessi Michelle


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