.:Can You Take it All Away:.

Over the weekend, Kels called a bunch of people over because she was home for a couple days.  So a few of us went over there to watch a movie.  She and I had the idea to get all the pillows and blankets we could find so we could spread them around on the floor and watch the movie like we were at a picnic.  This is actually something I used to do all the time before my room became an unbearable mess.  Now that you can see the floor again, I’ve picked the habit back up again.  You’d be surprised at how comfy the floor can actually be. 
(That was odd. I just got a text from Kels!)

Anyway, it was a much needed relaxing night.
I don’t know what’s been wrong with me but it’s not pleasant at all. 
I’ve had constant headaches, which my friend Dan said could be stressed related.  I’ve also had stomach cramps not unlike the kind I get with my lady problem (without the lady problem).  They’re just not as bad. 

I kinda had the feeling that those things might be related, but they’re so different so I’m not sure.   I decided to look up stress symptoms.

There’s a lot more of them.  But here’s the ones I found that apply to me:

Fatigue, tiredness
Stomach distress (I dunno if the stomach cramps count here, but I get knots too)
Nervousness, restlessness
Body aches and pain

Panicky feelings
Shaking, trembling (sometimes)
Hopelessness about the future

Racing thoughts
Difficulty making decisions
Dwelling in stressful problems
Negative thoughts about self
Wandering thoughts, daydreaming

Wasting time
Crying (Does it count if I randomly feel like crying even though there isn’t really anything wrong?)

So I don’t know… according to teh interwebz, I’m stressed.  But why?  My life is really no more stressful than most people’s.  Does my body just not handle it well?

Sigh.  I wish it would stop.

♥Jessi Michelle

One thought on “.:Can You Take it All Away:.

  1. Tebor says:

    Maybe it’s anxiety? Of course, anxiety creates stress. But when I get stressed out it’s usually because I start worrying about the future or what a low I’m currently at.In any case, I hope you are cured soon. 


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