.:The Needle’s Breaking Your Skin:.

The weekend was good, aside from Micha breaking down on me.  I still haven’t heard what’s wrong with her. Looks like I will be driving my dad’s car again tomorrow morning

I got to hang out with Kelsey, which was awesome as always.  She accompanied me on my navel piercing adventure.  The whole thing went smoothly and I really didn’t feel much pain. It was just a pinch that I barely noticed because Kels and I were discussing Van Helsing and then I was done.  It turned out nice.
I noticed that there was a red bump forming on my tragus piercing, so I asked about it as well.  They were really nice about it and cleaned it up for me.  They explained that the aftercare procedure that my previous piercer given me was wrong and it’s also better to not pierce with a ring (which she did).  So I bought a new stud and they replaced the earring for me. (after popping that lovely bump)  It looks and feels so much better now.  So I’m definitely glad I asked.  I thought the ring looked cuter, but the stud looks pretty nice too and I’ll keep it until it heals up again. 

Then Kels and I went back to my house to watch The Office because she has them on DVD.  We followed that with “Say Anything” and then called it a night. 

Saturday was really a do nothing day.  I cleaned my room a little bit, but that’s about all I did.  Later on I ended up helping my dad clean his fish tank.  I played some Rock Band with Angela and we made some new characters. Then I went to bed.

Sunday was work and then game.  Instead of Wheel of Time, we played the Heroes game we started.   The ability my character, Ava, has is so cool.  I’ll have to post a gaming entry some time and just describe the characters I have. Or something.

And that was about it. 

I guess I should finish making dinner. Then I will work on my homework, hopefully. 

♥Jessi Michelle


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