Saturday Survey: 99 Truths

As promised, here’s the survey for Saturday!

1. real name:

2. like it:
I prefer Jessi

3. single or taken:
single cuz boys suck

4. zodiac sign:

5. male or female:

6. age:

7. height:

8. lucky number:
don’t have one

9. eye color:

10. hair color:

11. long or short:
longish now

12. marital status:
single? Didn’t we go over this?

13. are you a health freak:

14. height:
Can we at least have original questions please?

15. do you have a crush on someone:
Yup. My feelings haven’t change.

16. do you like yourself:
at times

17. piercings:
Three in each ear lobe, left tragus, right cartilage, navel!

18. tattoos:

19. righty or lefty:

20. fav color:
pink n black

21. least fav color:
yellow. Oddly, I’m wearing a yellow shirt but ish my jammies


22. first kiss:  Ew. Hate him.
23. first piercing: Ear lobe, age 7
24. first best friend: Katie, age 3
25. first award:  Something for TKD I think
26. first sport: Taekwondo.  Actually, ballet, if that counts.
27. first pet: Mandy.  I had a weird dream about her this afternoon…  really weird and disturbing…
28. first vacation: I don’t remember. 
29. first car: Micha!!
30. first crush:  Ummmm kid name Matt?


31. what time is it: 11:21 pm
32. where are you: kitchen
33. wish: him
34. about to: sleep
35. listening to: nothing, oddly
36. waiting for: nothing really
37. wearing: yellow tank top, Jack Skellington jammy pants/
38. annoyed about: Him being cute and not wanting me damnit
39. eating: pizza rolls
40. drinking: strawberry lemonade

41. want kids?: Yup.
42. want to get married?: Yup
43. careers in mind?: Web design / graphic design
44. dream car?: Mustange!

45. lips or eyes?: eyes
46. hugs or kisses: kisses
47. shorter or taller: taller (but every guy is taller than me)
48. tan skinned or light: doesn’t matter
49. romantic or spontaneous: spontaneous
50. dark or light hair: dark
51. built, fat, muscular, skinny, or normal: kinda muscular
52. hook up or relationship: relationship
53. similar to you or different: similar
54. trouble maker or hesitant: hesitant

55. kissed a stranger: You could say that
56. drank bubbles: No
57. ate a crayon: No wtf
58. lost glasses/contacts: No
59. climbed up a tree: Probably
60. broken someone’s heart: Yeah
61. been arrested: No
62. turned someone down: Yeah
63. cried when someone died: Yes
64. liked a friend as more than a friend: absolutely. 


65. yourself: I guess
66. miracles: yea
67. ghosts: yup
68. love at first sight: Not at all
69. santa clause: Naw
70. heaven and hell: Yes
71. kissing on the first date: Depends
72. God: Absolutely


73. Is there one person you want to be with right now? Yes
74. Who is it? … “Mike”
75. Do you kiss on the first date? Stop that.
76. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time? No.
77. Last time you flossed? I don’t… 
78. Last time checked for STDs? Er?
79. Fart in public? Not gonna lie here, I’m sure it’s happened
80. Flirt with your friends boyfriend or girlfriend? I don’t think I have. At least not intentionally
81. Cheat on a partner?No No no
82. Whats under your bed? A shit ton of crap
83. Last time you cleaned your toilet? Eh. I make Angela do it lol
84. Ever sprout hairs on your chin? Yus   Just one… I pluck it!
85. Does the carpet match the curtains?  Um. Wow.
86. Last kiss? Ew.
87. Last booty call? Also, ew.
88. 7th text received?  I dunno. The game?
89. 4th missed call?  Probably my mom. My phone is upstairs
90. Last comment received? I don’t know… on what?
91. Sleep with a stuffed animal? Yus.
92. Last time you cried? Last week?
93. Pee in pools? I’ve done it…
94. Ever stolen something? Nope
95. Ever drink milk from the carton? No. Why not just use a glass?
96. Mad at anyone? Not really
97. Ever rock a mullet? Uh. No.
98. Last tuxedo worn?  ??Never…
99. Last video game played : Super Mario Bros for Wii.  Intense fun haha

I almost forgot about my schedule already. Nice job, me.

I’m off to bed. Throat is slightly sore and I gotta be up for work.

♥Jessi Michelle


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