Yesterday, when I got home from work I took a nap because I wasn’t feeling well.  This was a fairly long nap too.  During said nap, I had a really strange dream.  It actually woke me up with a start because it was just so weird.

When I was a kid, my family had a mobile home in Indiana that we would visit for a week at a time or every weekend or so during the summer.  My aunt and uncle and cousins always went camping at a campground nearby and our grandmother had (and still has) a mobile home in the same park.  She still goes there for a month at a time over the summer.  Basically, it was like a summer home.  We sold it around the time we sold the trailer we were living in so we can buy the house we live in now. 
It was a really small trailer with a screen house surrounding it. The trailer itself was only big enough for us to sleep in really.  It had a little stove and bathroom too.  But we spent most of the time in the screen house, where we had the dining table set up.  In that area, there was a storage room.  We put mostly crap there, but we would also put our dog Mandy in there when the family came over to visit because she was kind of aggressive at times.  Now, Mandy was put to sleep when I was in high school.  So she’s been gone for several years now. 

In my dream, my parents, my sister and I went back to trailer in Indiana. I suppose the person who bought it sold it back to us or something like that.  And other family members came to visit too. We were all hanging out in the screen house.  I was sitting at the table when I heard a whining noise coming from the storage room. Sounded a lot like a dog, but we didn’t bring Bonnie with us.  So I opened the door, and Mandy came running out. She ran right past everyone in the room and then vanished suddenly.  When I exclaimed, no one else believed me. No one saw her but me. 

Like I said, strange. 

Come to think of it, it might have been around this time that we lost her.  I actually don’t really remember. I believe it was March or April. 

I miss her still, at times.  It’s silly yes, but she was a part of my life when I was just three years old.  Letting her go was very hard on the family. 
It makes sense I would still dream about her. 
I just wonder why my dream made it seem like I was crazy. I mean, it was a dream after all.  Why didn’t everyone else see her run from that room and then vanish?  Why was it just me?

♥Jessi Michelle

2 thoughts on “Spooky

  1. This is just a shot in the dark but maybe your dream meant that you subconsciously wonder if everyone in your family but you has forgotten about mandy. It could also be an expression of both conscious and subconscious thought combined.                Subconsciously you miss mandy and wish that she was still alive.  That need was satisfied when you saw mandy run out of the storage room. You consciously however realize that mandy is gone and that seeing her had to be a fantasy which was shown when your family failed to see her.Just a theory 


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