Saturday Survey: Sister Survey. Aw.

Whats your sisters name?

Are you a big sis or a little sis?
I’m the big sis.

How old is she?

What is the age difference between the two of you?
7 years.

Do you two have any nicknames for eachother?
She’s squirrel and I’m chipmunk.

Is she taller than you?
Yes, actually.

Would you consider her one of your best friends?
No, probably not. She’s a bit too young.

Do you talk everyday?
If I see her.

Do the two of you live together?

Where do each of you live?
In a house.. o.O

Who do you think is the better looking of the two of you?
I dunno. She could look so pretty if she tried. But she dresses like a bum. 

What is your fondest memory of each other?
“Stupid Flaaffy”  lmao

What do you pick on them most about?
Her hair that she never brushes

What does she pick on you most about?
I dunno actually

Which one of you is “the good one”?
That’d be me.

Do you fight often?

Who usually wins?
Depends on the day

Did you attend the same school ever?
Yes.  Salem. She was in pre-school and I was in 6th grade. 

If so, did she act like she knew you, or ignore you?
I don’t think she was old enough to care.  Besides we didn’t really see each other at school anyway.

Did you ever take the blame for something your sister did?
Can’t say I have.

Did you ever break the law together?

What is the worst trouble you got into together?
Can’t really think of anything. We like to get in trouble separately.

Would you take a bullet for your sister?

Whats your favorite thing about your sister?
We play Pokemon together.  ^_^

Whats your least favorite thing about her?
She does not listen to anyone.

Have the two of you ever fought over a guy?
Um. No.  Any guy her age is jail bait for me and she is jail bait for any guy my age.  No. Just.. no.

Do you want to be just like your sister?
Nah, I’m good being me.

Do you share clothes?
Yep.  We can wear the same shirt size. 

Do you wish you had more sisters?
It’d be fun, but we’re fine with just the two of us.

Do you consider your sister your best friend?
I thought we went over this…  no, she’s too young. But I looooves my sister anyway. 

♥Jessi Michelle


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