Xina the Zune

I think technology just hates me. I’m so nice to it too.. I just don’t get it.
While I do currently have a shiny new keyboard for my laptop, I no longer have a Zune.  Through no fault of my own.  Poor Xina the Zune (my dad’s idea… not mine) decided she no longer wanted to live.  I’ve been wanting a new Zune for awhile, and I think she might have caught on.  However, I do not have the proper funding for this and it’s looking like Microsoft decided to take the originals off the market.  This makes me sad because I don’t really want an HD.  Anyway, I needed Xina to stick around for awhile but she gave up on life.  I’m sending her out to be operated on and hopefully she finds her will to live.  I know she will come back knowing she will soon be replaced, but I do promise to find a loving home for her before this happens. 

On a slightly related note, I really hate playing music off my laptop as opposed to the nifty sound system my dad set me up with (that I can plug my Zune into).  I feel like the quality of the music greatly declines.  And this makes a very sad Jessi.

Oh how I miss Xina…

♥Jessi Michelle

2 thoughts on “Xina the Zune

  1. Tebor says:

    This post is extra sad if you replace the Zune with say… a cat. I think most pet owners have that one expensive surgery they undertake for that last couple of years or less with a pet. So I hope Xina knows how much you love her and enjoys those days to their fullest.


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