They Sold Me

When I first saw Zune HDs, I really thought they were nice and I that I had to have one.  Then I decided to save money just go with an original for my future Zune. But alas, the originals are not being sold in stores anymore and Microsoft is no longer selling them on their website.  I could probably find a used one on ebay or something, but well then it’d be used.

And then I was playing around on the Zune website and I customized my own HD. It’s beautiful.  Do want.


I don’t know if they make it so you can share these. So, in case the link doesn’t work:
It’s black with a dragon design on the back including the inscription “It’s not enough to listen to music. You have to feel it” which is a shorter version of a little something I came up with.

My mom agreed that for Christmas she’ll just hand over $200, but I’m on my own for the rest.  I’m gonna save my ass off so maybe by then, I’ll even have enough for the 64GB. Then I won’t have to worry about running out of space for quite awhile. And I could quadruple my current collection.

I’m so excited for this.
Damn you, customization!

♥Jessi Michelle

One thought on “They Sold Me

  1. Tebor says:

    Hahaha, glad it’s working out. 


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