A Summary of My Recent Adventures

I don’t want to bore everyone to tears with my lame stories of my life so I will simply give the shortest update I can.  Which will still probably be obscenely long given the amount of time I’ve neglected this journal for.

So where to start…

Well. Let’s start with Wicked!  James knew I have always wanted to see it so he bought us tickets and we went to see it.  It was amazing and I would love to see it again but it’s so expensive. 
And we’re saving money… bringing me to my next point. 

For those following my Twitter, or even the pulses I’ve been leaving on here, you know I’m not happy at home.  My sister and mom are constantly at one another’s throats and then I’m constantly being treated like a child. I’m told I can’t do things (like pierce my tongue). And I understand the whole “my house, my rules” thing but I pay rent, and a great deal of it.  That’s like a landlord barging into my room telling me I have to clean it, or telling me that I can’t go out and get piercings in my opinion. 
James is also unhappy at home and has been looking to move out for quite sometime.  Neither of us can really afford to do that without a roommate and we’ve decided to fix that by moving out together.  We’re still going to wait until we’ve been together for a year before acting on anything.  But it’s been decided, we want to live together. 
I’m excited and nervous.  It’s a big scary step into the door of adulthood but I’ve never been so happy with anyone.  I’m excited to start my own life with him. 
I know it’s not going to be as easy as it seems.  We’ll fight about money, we’ll fight about stupid things, but I have confidence in our ability to work things out.  We’re both such easy-going people that we haven’t had a single fight yet, so I don’t picture it happening very often when we finally do.

I’ve been wanting to find a new job. For the longest time, actually. But in this economy, you have to know someone to get anywhere.  It sucks.  I’ve been thinking of selling some jewelry online.  (I’ve been a jewelry-making BEAST lately)  It won’t get me much but it’s money and I’ll take what I can get.

I’d also like to get paid for making websites.  I’ve finally published my first real website for my boss’s band.  I haven’t been working on it as diligently as I should be and I plan to change that soon.  Unfortunately, I used this site as a project for my class and wasn’t actually asked to do it by the band so I’m not asking for any money for it.  At least it’s something to put in my portfolio. 

So, that’s pretty much it. Other than all that I’m not doing much. I’m not in school because my class isn’t available this semester. So in my spare time I’ve been playing a lot of World of Warcraft, making jewelry, and listening to music.  I’ve come into a lot of music recently that I’d love to critique. But I’ll save that for a different entry.

So there’s my summary which, as I expected, grew a bit longer than I would have liked. 
Oh well. Hopefully it wasn’t TOO boring. 

Now, Tebor, it’s your turn.

♥Jessi Michelle


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