Standing Up for Something

I’m not as politically aware as I should be.  I don’t pay attention to world issues and I don’t vote. 

But something recently hit close to home for me that has changed my attitude. Planned Parenthood, a great program for women with low income, has had their funding threatened.  All because SOME of them offer abortions.  I went there just a few days ago to pick up my pill and saw a group of people outside with anti-abortion signs. 

It made me so angry that I almost questioned where I stand on the issue of abortion.  I’ve always thought of myself as pro-life. I don’t approve of abortions because I don’t believe anyone has the right to take the life of another, especially that of one who hasn’t even had a chance to live.  If you’re going to have sex you need to be careful, and if something does happen you need to face the consequences.  Even if you’re not ready to raise a child there’s always adoption.  Why waste this life when there are tons of couples in the world desperate to have a child but can’t because one of them is infertile?
However it’s also not my place to tell someone they can’t.

Ever since all this came about I’m pissed at pro-life people.  Planned Parenthood isn’t going around saying “Hey everyone! Kill your babies!”  But pro-lifers are making them out to be monsters. They offer tons of other options to women besides abortion, and even have abstinence programs.  But just because abortions is just one of the options that only some locations offer, they should be banned.  How does that make any sense?

This needs to be stopped.  Those of you who are with me, please take the time to sign this letter to Congress and stand with Planned Parenthood!

♥Jessi Michelle


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